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Morty’s Comedy Joint Open Mic Quarterfinals – 7/5/2017

Last night I headed back to Morty’s Comedy Joint after a fairly long hiatus.  There were lots of new faces but the basic crux of the place hadn’t changed a bit.

First up, as is typical, you have your regulars, your “house comics.” You can tell these guys are polished, smooth and in their element. Their expressions reveal confidence and their sets are well rehearsed.  They are your comics of tomorrow and a very amusing tomorrow it will be.  Facial reactions range from “happy welcome” to “I just swallowed a bug” to “God, it’s me, Luke.  Please help me, I’ve just swallowed a bug.”

Next you have your up and coming comics.  They’re here for the sheer thrill of competition as they duke it out in a winner-take-all fight for comedy supremacy.  Of course there is the fact that the winner is determined by vote of the audience and the comics bring all their friends to pack the house but that’s neither here nor there. Never once has that mechanic of the competition swayed the outcome of one of these immortal battles of fisticuffs!

Here the expressions rage hard from “I don’t think that’s a schmedium, honey” to “yeah, I’m 19 and I’m already cooler than all y’all” to “who?  me?”  The bottom row I leave as an exercise to the reader.

The closers are your old pros.  One thing I love about the comedy scene is the equality of it all.  Too fat for other jobs?  Don’t play nice with others?  Too ugly for contact with the general public?  Fuck it, come on down!  Comedy folks love everybody.

Ryan Niemiller is hilarious and I can’t stop thinking about him trying to unbutton his shirt…  I feel bad for thinking about it… but I still can’t stop thinking about it.

Last but not least we’ve got the legendary Chris Bowers.  As rumor would have it he’s one of the absolute nicest guys around but he seems so put together and with-it that he’s too intimidating to talk to.  I’ve exchanged a few words with him and I felt like I was going to shake myself apart like a rusted out 72 Pinto running down the interstate on four bad tires.  I’m 6’4 and 250 pounds and the dude makes me feel like a little kid.

And there you have it, one night of great comedy at the city’s best venue for comedy. Your comedians for the night were:


  • Ryan McMannis (host)
  • Ray Hensley
  • Luke Basile
  • Logan Baert
  • Deon Curry


  • Lissa Sears
  • Riley Dismore
  • Cale Forbes
  • George White
  • Mike Williams
  • Grant Weber


  • Ryan Niemiller
  • Chris Bowers

You can find full-size originals on our IndyLivePhotography website for this show and dozens of others.

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Lafayette, IN – 8/24/2011

Yesterday my random trip of the day was around downtown Lafayette. I’ve hit this particular bit of the state before but this was handy so I took a chance to revisit. At some point I’ll be motivated enough to go back and compare these pics to the previous set from a couple years ago.

For some reason I’ve always had a fascination with fire escapes. Perhaps it’s the implied drama of their possible use or just their antiquated appearance. Whatever the case, Lafayette has a few nice examples.

From 2011-08-24

It’s amusing to me to find a meter that has dials ranging from millions of some unit all the way down to half units.

From 2011-08-24

These guys hang over the doorway of a local downtown eatery. They’ve long lost their lanterns but they’re still exceptionally creepy. That look of sympathy makes me wonder just what sort of terrible thing will happen to you if you attempt to eat here.

From 2011-08-24

I love too those old buildings that have the date worked right into the woodwork but if I lived here I’d feel pretty bad about putting a window A/C unit in such a historical bit of town. Well, for a while, until it hit about 95 degrees.

From 2011-08-24

One of the most photographed bits of town.

From 2011-08-24

When I see this guy, I think of Transformers. Interesting societal penetration considering that I never saw the movies.

From 2011-08-24

These guys look REALLY freaked out. Perhaps they’re afraid of heights?

From 2011-08-24

I was excited to find this one. Reminds me of the days when the fire department wouldn’t come to your house unless you’d bought insurance and had your house properly marked.

From 2011-08-24

This downtown restaurant’s demeanor really makes me want to eat there. And to eat exactly what I’m told to.

From 2011-08-24
From 2011-08-24

The decor at this eatery makes me believe that I don’t own clothing nice enough to allow me to eat here.

From 2011-08-24

OK, really? Who picks up after their dog in the manner pictured? If we had to do things this way I maintain that nobody would own a dog. Ever.

From 2011-08-24

I love brick and ivy too. The vine moving across the transition in masonry work represents to me the continuity of nature over the flux and change of mankind.

From 2011-08-24

And we close with the newest wind-power in the area. The city buses are electric and thanks to these mills, don’t need the grid to keep running.

From 2011-08-24


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