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Of National Parks and Classic Cars

Looking back on the past week or so I realize that I’ve spent a lot of time uploading slightly refined versions of photos previously taken rather than taking anything new. As much as I may enjoy looking back on old holiday snaps, I’ve come to realize over the years that no picture of crater lake…


… can really do the place justice. While I’m reminiscing joyfully in my head about the place, the rest of the world just says, “oh. lake. Cool…?” Totally understandable. Those determined stalwarts who wish to may check out Crater Lake National Park, Diamond Lake, Oregon, and the Umpqua River. I don’t really expect you to necessarily do so, but as this blog is primarily dedicated to what I’m doing photographically, there’s your answer.

No, what I’m really here to chatter on about is the Zionsville fall festival. As the seasons turn here in Indiana we find ourselves ready to celebrate the coming onslaught of winter. I wandered out see what could be seen on Sunday of last week and ran into a classic car show. I’d rather forgotten how much I adore the visuals at these things. All the wonderful chrome details are just generally dazzling. I need to make a point to get out to more classic car events.

I just can’t get enough of these shiny, gas-guzzling old birds. Even when I was a wee lad I dreamed of owning a 57 Chevy in cherry red. Until, of course, I realized what it would cost to drive a 57 Chevy in cherry red. Ah well.





And that’s the day that was, more or less. If you’ve got a classic car or anything else that needs photographing drop me a line. I’ll be there with bells on.

PS: Click any photo for a closer look and go look at flickr if you want even more photos.


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Misc Photos for 11-18-2012

As of late I’ve found myself rather uninspired.  At least part of this is late-season ennui but I also have come to feel that my “art” is rather unfocused.  (No pun intended.)  While other photographers tend to specialize, I just photograph absolutely anything from random people to found objects.  My camera has been accumulating photos for the past couple weeks that I haven’t bothered to upload.  Today I have a bit to show for the time that’s passed.

#1: Someone can probably tell me what this odd-looking bird is.

From Misc 11-18-2012

#2: I like the colors and lines here. The bird itself is of no great note but it does leave a trail in its environment.

From Misc 11-18-2012

#3: I spent a fair amount of time the other day trying to get action shots of ducks on the water. My eventual assessment was that I needed a longer lens. At 270mm I can just barely squeeze out a reasonable level of detail.

From Misc 11-18-2012

#4: Some shots I just love the romantic aspects of a road vanishing into the distance.

From Misc 11-18-2012

#5: In the category of odd found-objects, I give you this child’s toy long trapped in a retention pond.

From Misc 11-18-2012

#6: Similar to #4, I like the irony of a No Trespassing sign overrun by nature.

From Misc 11-18-2012

#7: In the city where I live there’s a 106th street and there’s a forgotten “Old 106th” street. The homes on Old 106th street seem to have been trapped in a timewarp since the traffic on them has declined substantially. One features this ancient flag and gate.

From Misc 11-18-2012

#8: Not far from #7, it seems that a house has moved and birds now make their homes in this forgotten mailbox.

From Misc 11-18-2012

#9: Some photos you just take because they seem artsy.

From Misc 11-18-2012

#10: After the trip down Old 106th street I came home and played with some macro shots.

From Misc 11-18-2012

#11: And took apart an old computer. Here are the pins for an old Pentium processor.

From Misc 11-18-2012

#12: The heatsink on the processor on an older video card.

From Misc 11-18-2012

#13: The internals of some HP hardware. No comment on the countries of origin.

From Misc 11-18-2012

#14: I also took apart an old hard drive. A very chiaroscuro experience.

From Misc 11-18-2012

#15: Oops. Sure hope I didn’t void the warranty.

From Misc 11-18-2012

Anyway, such is the two weeks or so since the last post.


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Purdue Goes by in a Blur

During my last bout of time off I took a few hours to just wander around West Lafayette and let the shutter click away in a few different places. Clearly I got a bit wrapped up in the construction work there in the middle. All in all, a fairly representative sample of a bright and sunny Indiana day.

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Since Last Writing…

I realize rather suddenly that it’s been a month since I last posted. It should be noted that the Facebook page for this little endeavor gets rather regular attention but the blog… not so much. Perhaps it’s the necessity of actually putting down words that causes the neglect. Whatever the case, tonight you find me verbose and therefore tonight… you find me at all.

At last posting there was actually a glimmer of a possibility of photographing real people. In retrospect, this was a boon of enormous importance but sadly, like most good things, it came swiftly to an end due to circumstances quite outside my control. Hopefully the time will come when I will again have actual willing humans towards which to point my interest. Until such time as new victims appear, we always have the standard fare.

I have found over the past month that I’m increasingly fascinated by the medium of time-lapse. What would make a fairly dull picture can, with the aid of large amounts of patience, make a reasonably interesting video.

Building on the lessons learned in the time-lapse I did for our company meeting… Oh, did I mention? My video for my company actually won a grant competition for Kids Against Hunger and netted the organization a $10,000 donation. You can look at the news release on their website here. Despite being a surprisingly anonymous contributor to this effort, I’m still giddy beyond all reason about it. Anyway, moving on… I spent several hours in downtown Indy working on this same sort of “limited attention span” effect. Time-lapse is great and all but after 10-20 seconds, the average person is ready for a new point of view. So I’ve taken to composing short vignettes and moving the viewer rapidly between them. Add some up-beat music and you’ve got a reasonable result, I think.

And, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t include at least one celestial event.

For the race fans out there, we took ourselves to Carb Day at the Indy 500. At almost 7 minutes this is by far the longest video I’ve ever bothered to cobble together. I’d say it sums up the event pretty well though. The last half of the video is the pit-stop competition. Given that the actual pit-stops take all of 12 seconds to finish it felt a bit ironic to be compressing time but it does give one a sense for just how long it takes to set up for those 12 seconds.

Penultimately, my youngest expressed her desire to “do a movie” of her own. Find below her chosen content as well as the music she chose, by specific request by name, “I want the popcorn song”.  Who says the hits of yesteryear are lost on the young?

And finally, you may have noticed that a few nights ago we had a celestial event that only occurs once in a couple lifetimes as the planet Venus passed across the disc of the sun. Of course we were all at the top of a parking garage to see it and time-lapse it. To actually see the tiny dot that is Venus, you’ll have to go with the HD version of this one.

And so we close. Hopefully sometime soon I’ll summarize some of the still shots that transpired over the past week. Perhaps even better I’ll bother to post on a regular basis.


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