Lafayette, Indiana Christmas Parade, etc

Today I went traipsing out and about in Lafayette with no really solid plan for what I might find. As is usual in such circumstances I ended up with the last thing I would have predicted had you been around to ask me what I thought.

I needed my 10,000 steps for the day so I parked at Tapawingo and made my way across the pedestrian bridge into Lafayette proper.

Once across I spent a bit of time in Lafayette proper. Among the attractions is a wonderful metal sculpture of a family of three that sits near downtown proper. At this time of year their open mouths make it look like they’re singing to all the passers by.  Lafayette is also home to more modern sculptures and the Black Sparrow’s front door has a very Victorian feel to it this time of year.

After a while I made my way to the part of the city in which preparations were being made for the parade.  I’m still not nearly outgoing enough to actually *TALK* to people when I’m shooting but there were plenty of visuals worth capturing even without engaging with the humans, among them this appearance by the Grinch himself.

2017 Lafayette Indiana December Christmas Parade and Environs

One problem I wrestle with… and by wrestle I mean just live with and don’t really care about very much except in the context of explaining it when writing up my experiences on a given day… is that I tend to get distracted.  As I was walking down Main Street I couldn’t help but be distracted by the police presence.  At first glance they were ominous signs of the Trump kleptocracy about to overtake us all… er, sorry, of the benevolent overlords which seek to protect us and work in only our best interest.  But watching these heavily armoured gents it quickly became apparent that they were still humans like the rest of us despite their absolute immunity to non-armour-piercing munitions.

I even found a spooky Norman Bates type house along the way.  If there’s anything more un-Christmas than that then I challenge you to tell me about it.  Note the macabre Christmas decorations.

2017 Lafayette Indiana December Christmas Parade and Environs

But really, the highlight of this whole thing is the kids.  Kids love a parade and there was no end of delighted expressions to be captured.

2017 Lafayette Indiana December Christmas Parade and Environs

Before long though it was time to trod back over the pedestrian bridge past those cool lighted planters and head back home.

2017 Lafayette Indiana December Christmas Parade and Environs

In the end, I feel like I spent a lot of energy on the not-quite-so-exciting bits but that’s OK.  The pic of of the SWAT team giving a friendly high-five to one of the kids makes it all worth the effort.  At the end of the day, just ONE good photo with real appeal is all it takes to make several hours worth the effort.  As long, of course, as you’re just doing this for fun and not trying to make a living off it.  Hopes and ineffectual prayers to those who try to squeeze their daily bread out of this medium of art.


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