The Celery Bog, Extreme Miscellany, and Exploring Pricing Models

Last Monday I took the day off to take care of a few random tasks…

I got mom’s water shut off since there’s nobody living in the house.  I tried this over the phone but they claimed they needed a POA to do so but when I talked to the staff in person, however, she said that if I had simply neglected to mention that mom was dead they probably would have done it no with questions asked.  Note to self that less is more.

I sought out my quarterly haircut and learned that impatience and frugality make for unpleasant results in this realm.  I’ll be tilting my head to one side by about 7 degrees for the next three months to conceal the fact that they trimmed my mohawk unevenly.

Aside from these and the other random miscellaneous tidbits, I took a trip to the Celery Bog in West Lafayette, Indiana.  This hunk of wetlands is one of the many things I completely missed when I spent 5 years at Purdue as a student.  Previous photo trips there have been rather hit and miss and this was really no exception.

One photographic problem is that it’s REALLY hard to clear the background.  This sculpture graces the front entrance but notice the rather large apartments behind.  Nature abounds but civilization looms.

Celery Bog Nature Area - West Lafayette Indiana-5.jpg

The bog is now deeply into autumn as this view from the bridge shows.  The waterfowl scurry away as humans approach.

Celery Bog Nature Area - West Lafayette Indiana-7.jpg

A pair of … swans…? graced the bog on this day.  I’m not terribly fond of this shot as the swan lacks definition but the contrast is marked.  The choppy water with all its sharp edges contrasts nicely with the softness of the creamy swan.

Celery Bog Nature Area - West Lafayette Indiana-15.jpg

I found myself particularly amused by this bench.  Recent rains have raised the water levels of the bog and left this bench with its feet in the water.  I imagine this on the cover of a magazine devoted to Global Warming.

Celery Bog Nature Area - West Lafayette Indiana-23.jpg

The last thing to catch my attention was this family of deer.  Traditionally I have had VERY bad luck catching wildlife.  I suspect that it’s at least in part because I tend not to be willing to sit still and wait (especially when it’s 38 degrees as it was on Monday).  On this day though luck graced me and a group of four stood still for quite a while waiting for me to take their picture.

Celery Bog Nature Area - West Lafayette Indiana-36.jpg

More for this day can be found on the website in the Celery Bog Nature Area album.

I’ve also tinkered, yet again, with the pricing model on the website.  On one hand I’m happy to give everything away.  On the other hand, it would be nice to be able to somehow devote myself to wandering around taking pictures of things.  So I’ve established an uneasy medium in which you can download originals as much as you want but you also have the option to leave a little something in the tip jar.  It seems dubious that enough people will avail themselves of that for me to ever quit my day job but one never knows.  You don’t know until you ask.



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