Eagle Creek Park and Reflections on the Seasons

This Saturday we took a bit of a hike around Eagle Creek in Indianapolis, Indiana.  This spurred some extremely random thoughts…
I started out my photography work out in the wild.  The wind, the trees, the birds and the hard, gritty earth were my bread and butter.  If I included a human in my wanderings it was entirely by chance.  In the past year though I’ve worked much more with the species and I find that increasingly it has value.  Unsurprisingly, humans like pictures of other humans.  Now as the seasons wind down I find myself intrigued by marrying up the two and putting humans into nature.  Sadly, I don’t know nearly enough humans who want this sort of photography done.  My next goal is to somehow join these two genres and find new ground.
Eagle Creek Park in November - Indianapolis Indiana
I love the shots of my younger daughter. She really is the dreamer of us all. She’s always looking out, looking forward, and I think these capture her yearning spirit.  But there’s also a strange hesitance to these.  She yearns but she also pulls back a bit from the unknown.  Maybe this is just my own fatherly interpretation but I can also see the caution that broils up from her soul.  She is fearless yet fearful.  I hope that she gets to follow her dreams into whatever she see out there on the horizon.
I’ve noticed over the years that my artistic streak has a very contrarian spirit. I just spent the spring and summer working inside on the entertainment scene. As soon as the weather changes I’m ready to go outside and shoot nature… just as it folds up shop and lays low for the winter. I feel like a newborn baby who has his days and nights mixed up. Hopefully there won’t also be meconium to follow.
That was the introspective day that was.  Clearly I am back to focusing on the outdoors for the moment.

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