Irvington, Indiana Music Scene

I’ve been hanging out in the area for about two weeks and in that time I’ve changed much of my opinion of humanity in general.  Let me tell the story in pictures in more or less chronological order….

The first thing to understand about Irvington is that they have something going on every single day of the week. There’s always an open mic night or poetry reading or a SOMETHING going on in the area. Name a night, there are some guys or gals out and about.


2016 Irving Theater Open Mic

In addition, there’s a source of food on four-wheels available. The Beast Food Truck is … well, for lack of better words, breathtaking. They will take whatever request you happen to have and turn it into actual food. Their fries are the stuff of legend. If Conan the Barbarian happened to be a potato product, he would be one of their hand-cut fries. Holy Christ they are awesome.

2016 Irving Theater Open Mic

So one thing I have noticed is that this group has leaders but they’re very subtle ones. I’ve seen this guy at several events but I haven’t yet made his acquaintance. He, like many, seems to be a community leader but he doesn’t make a big deal about it. He’s just there and quietly does his thing.

2016 Irving Theater Open Mic

The thing that strikes me most is the absolute joy of the place. There are lots of places around the city where people just mindlessly go to to work, come home, watch TV and then go back to work again. Irvington seems to be the place of people who actually love what they do in their free time and aren’t afraid to show it on their faces.

2016 Irving Theater Open Mic

Not to mention, while the world fights about race, Irvington doesn’t give two shits about who’s white and who’s black. While the gentleman in the foreground has a decidedly sorrowful countenance, (that’s why I took the photo) the fact remains that he’s there with his white friend performing without any concern whatsoever while the rest of the world fights over idiotic things like skin color.

2016 Irving Theater Open Mic

So you can see wonderful local acts night after night in the area…

Irvington Music 8/31/2016 But if you keep an eye on local theatres… Irvington Music 8/31/2016

You can also catch some acts of national interest (The Icarus Account). The thing I love most is that…

Irvington Music 8/31/2016 You can catch them from any angle. There’s a wonderful degree of freedom in a small venue… Irvington Music 8/31/2016

All this was within a couple weeks in a very small geographic area.

9-7-2016 Acoustic Open Mic in Irvington In the span of a few days, you can catch everything from Bach to Bachman Turner Overdrive. Coal Yard Coffee Music

I look forward to spending more time in the area as they really seem to have their proverbial acts together.


  1. thank you again for your blog..i so enjoy them…you actually shoot photos so similar to mine it feels as if i am looking at my own photos…keep posting them i totally love seeing where you go and the people you meet..theresa lynch

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