Well poo… it’s been six months

You know, every few months I pop on here and suddenly realize that it’s been far too long since I’ve made any update. You know it’s been too long when you have to scroll back 12 pages in Flickr to find the last picture you made commentary on. Oh well. No time like the present to catch up.

Alright… well, since June we’ve gone on vacation. We got in the car with three kids and said, “OK, oh children of ours, which direction?” After some discussion they said: “West!” so west we headed. A few more directional questions later we found ourselves in…

Madison Wisconsin for fireworks over water…
Madison Wisconsin 232

and a nice view of the capitol building…
Madison Wisconsin 124 Madison Wisconsin 146

Even the teenagers were happy and unafraid to show it for just this brief moment.
Madison Wisconsin 169

After another “Which way, kids?” we found ourselves in Milwaukee. This ultra-realistic statue of a security guard still haunts my dreams. Milwaukee WI 099

But the art museum is nice…
Milwaukee WI 037 And we even got to see the “wings” flap. Milwaukee WI 028

From there it was on to Green Bay where the youngest got eaten by a dinosaur…
Green Bay WI 001 … and there was this Lambeau field place on a cloudy day… Green Bay WI 022

Asking the kids again which way to go they voted to head over the top and loop the loop over Lake Michigan so we made our way up the long way to the Mackinac bridge and home through Michigan
Mackinac Bridge 011 Later, back in Indiana, the rain was record-breaking which made for great fungus Lake Mississinewa 041

but didn’t do a thing for the accommodations at the parks. You can just make out the top of the roof of the shelter house in the water.
Lake Mississinewa 005

But the bugs didn’t mind in Skiles Test Park.
Indianapolis Skiles Test Park 015 With August, as always in Indy, came GenCon 2015 GenCon_2015 Aug 01_0189134

And as the weather changed all manner of these little things were found laying about.
A poor dead house fly has come to dinner Immediately on the heels of GenCon, the state fair is always a wonderful place to see people… 2015 Indiana State Fair012
2015 Indiana State Fair038 With October, comes football and these guys rolled into town 2015 Colts vs Patriots027

Much to the disappointment of these guys
2015 Colts vs Patriots082 With the close of the year upon us, my muse was only awakened because of a realization that I was missing an opportunity. I get lots of products for review yet I wasn’t using them as photographic subjects. So over the past couple of days I’ve taken to exercising my macro lens. LED Bulb 024
faux necklace set 046 faux necklace set 049
Glass Crystal Glass Crystal
Glass Crystal

So it’s been a heck of year, in retrospect. Aside from those things pictured, there are a few events I should note. In October I moved out of my apartment and bought a house. In November we saw Elle King in concert and while she was profoundly foul mouthed she was deliciously entertaining. Best concert I’ve been to in years. And lastly, earlier in December my house was broken into and all my best camera equipment was stolen along with the majority of other electronics. So that’s been fun.

At any rate, it’s been a delightfully varied year. I promise I’ll write more often. But then, you’ve heard all THAT before I’m sure.


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