So what have I been doing for almost … well, since September of 2013?

I look at this blog rather infrequently, obviously, and realize that I’ve not done a great job of keeping it up to date.  To be honest I’ve felt rather crestfallen about photography over the past year or so and imagined that I was just throwing all my time and effort into a big hole and that nobody really cared or noticed if I took photos or not.  As it turns out, nobody did say anything so it tended to lend credence to the idea that I was wasting my time.  I didn’t snap out of my ennui until I happened to Google myself and realized how many of my photos were being used by websites under the Creative Commons license that I grant to all my Flickr pictures.  That made it seem like it all might be worthwhile, so here I am back on the horse again.  So what HAS happened over the past year or more…?

In reverse chronological order… I visited the Depauw campus in Greencastle, Indiana. A wonderful locale and delightful architecture.
Depauw University Campus101

Spent a bit of time at ComicCon in Indy
2015 ComicCon 101

Did some photography for the Special Olmpics
2015 Special Olympics 254

OK, well, that was actually all just yesterday.

And there were dozens of soccer games, of course…

As always Zionsville had its classic car show

And we saw this guy from field level

Oh, and we went to Oregon and goofed about on some big rocks.

Found a sunset or two

And some water did its waterfall thing.

So it was a pretty good several months. I’m sad that I didn’t document it in more detail but I promise that I’ll think about doing better next time.


  1. Rob, I’m glad to see you are back. I may not comment, often or at all, or even actually come to the site past the e-mail of you new posting. I can tell you that I do look at even photo you post and find inspiration. Keep up the good work.

  2. You can take photos for someone else and you can take photos for yourself, hopefully you can get to do both.
    I took Santa pictures for a local church in December, that’s always fun.
    After a severe fall at home, most of this winter I been restricted to taking photos on my own property (by the way, if you have to FU your knee, do it to the left one. When it’s the right one, no driving.)
    This has been the winter to remember as far as photographing the house. I’ve never had such damage done just from the weight of the snow and ice. Now I understand icebergs and glaciers.

    The main thing is. Enjoy.

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