Highlights from August So far…

Things have been quiet around this old blog lately but there’s certainly plenty going on in my head. As of late I’ve been remiss in posting but mainly because I’m going back through my entire photographic history and trying to be more organized and post everything to Flickr. So if you really want to see what’s going on then go check out Flickr. I promise fewer words, more photos.

In going through eons of old photos, I’ve reached the conclusion that I need to be much more meticulous in my post processing. In the past I’ve just gone out, spent 7-8 hours shooting random things and then come home exhausted and spending as little time as possible in getting things up. This, as it turns out, is a mistake. After only a few days I started finding shots that I’d given up on and resurrected them from their graves. Take this one from Crown Hill Cemetery, looking up through the monument of James Whitcomb Riley.


Before it was rather a washed out mess in the middle. It was one of my “This turned out OK but it could have been better” shots. Just a tiny tweak in post though and it’s one of my faves.

Also, after telling myself for years that I was going to go and really set myself to looking at the State Fair in detail I bothered to spend about 11 hours there for a daytime and an evening session. I’m not absolutely tickled with the results but they’re reasonable I’d say.


Well, ok, I admit that I’m absolutely amused to the hilt about this batch. I spent an hour or so looking at the people trying to win $200 staying on the mechanical bull. Needless to say, the bull was undefeated but the expressions were timeless.


I also did a bit of scrabbling about in the yard. This Praying Mantis was wonderfully patient with me on one weekend morning. Couldn’t have asked for a better subject.

Brown Praying Mantis in Macro

At any rate, you can find more of my randomness on Flickr. The photos from this post were from the sets below; feel free to poke around if you have free time.

Crown Hill Cemetery
2013 Indiana State Fair

Add me as a contact on Flickr and I’ll return the favor.  Always looking for more photos to thumb through in that 10 minutes first thing in the morning when I’m not quite alert enough to safely get out of bed.


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