The Old Round Church – Richmond Vermont

We had some time to kill in Vermont so we took to roaming the countryside somewhat randomly. One of the things we stumbled upon was a unique church built in 1812 with a round configuration. The volunteer tour guide explained that the church was a combined congregation from several neighboring localities so the shape was rather apropos of the spirit of the place.

From 7-31-2013 Richmond, VT

The original construction cost $3,000 and was paid for by sales of the pews. Once you bought a pew, it was yours to sit in or pass down to your heirs as you saw fit.

From 7-31-2013 Richmond, VT

If you’re nice, they’ll let you stand in the pulpit and say a few words.

From 7-31-2013 Richmond, VT

From time to time they have concerts in the place and a pipe organ was brought in from some other neighboring historical building.

From 7-31-2013 Richmond, VT

It looks rather octagonal on the outside…

From 7-31-2013 Richmond, VT

… but it’s round enough on the inside.

From 7-31-2013 Richmond, VT

I close with the view from the pulpit.

From 7-31-2013 Richmond, VT

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