Miscellaneous Photographic Rot From June

As is typical, I’ve been rather remiss in my posting. Sure, I can take hundreds of photos and spray them around the Interwebs but I’m apparently not nearly manly enough to bother to comment on them with anything approaching timeliness. Ah well.

After returning from St. Louis, I felt myself bitten again by the macro bug (no pun intended). I chased this little green critter around the yard for a while before he conveniently alighted on a day lily. I’m endlessly amused by the fact that these guys have hair if you look close enough.

From 6-15-2013 Misc

Over the years, it seems that the once-common caterpillar is increasingly hard to find. Luckily, this one sat still for quite a while.

From 6-15-2013 Misc

A week later on the 20th, Zionsville was graced with an exceptionally beautiful and fiery sunset. Some things cannot be ignored.

From 6-23-2013 Misc

On the 24th, I was asked to photograph a local youth baseball game. Despite the fact that I will happily photograph anything for anyone for free and try to promote this offer fairly widely, I only get about two requests a year So when they come, I give them my utmost attention.

It’s my hope that when the kids see their photos that they feel like they’ve really gotten the ‘big league’ treatment.

From 6-24-2013 Westfield Youth Baseball

And I’m always amused when the ball appears to hover in mid-air.

From 6-24-2013 Westfield Youth Baseball
From 6-24-2013 Westfield Youth Baseball
From 6-24-2013 Westfield Youth Baseball
From 6-24-2013 Westfield Youth Baseball

And the emotions on display are priceless.

From 6-24-2013 Westfield Youth Baseball

And sometimes you capture that instant of decision. Ball in glove, foot on base, that would be… out at first.

From 6-24-2013 Westfield Youth Baseball

And for some, you don’t really need the ground, you can just hover above it.

From 6-24-2013 Westfield Youth Baseball

The next day, in search of … well, anything to photograph, I made off for a local outdoor concert. As always, there is an ocean of things to point a camera at.

Joy abounds among young and old…

From Fisher’s Concerts 6-25-2013

when not-quite-Jimmy-Buffett is singing.

From Fisher’s Concerts 6-25-2013

uh oh. I think he’s seen me.

From Fisher’s Concerts 6-25-2013

An apt image for July 4th, I’d say.

From Fisher’s Concerts 6-25-2013

And nobody ever pays nearly enough attention to the drummer.

From Fisher’s Concerts 6-25-2013

Finally, on the 30th, it was time to visit the IMA. Relatively speaking the stop was brief, but not uninteresting. It never ceases to amaze me, however, how little the exhibits change in the main galleries from one year to the next. I was there for the Ai Weiwei exhibit, but as always, the insects in the garden steal the show.

From IMA 6-30-2013

And that pretty well sums up the last two weeks in photography.


  1. I think RMW above has a good point. Have a competitive fee schedule and then offer a “Zionsville discount “. My Nikon work is the ” free kind “. Yours is the “pay me I do great work kind.”

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