Wide-Angle Zionsville and Time-Lapse

Today was my day to wander around Zionsville; since I like to be democratic, I try to see to it that each of my lenses gets some air-time on occasion. I hadn’t had the 8mm wide angle out in a while so today was its day.

My 8mm isn’t the highest quality lens in the universe so the focus isn’t terribly sharp but for all that it sure is… well, wide.

From 5-30-2013 Zionsville

And the color’s not bad either. Though perhaps that’s more because I sorta know what I’m doing when I process the photos.

From 5-30-2013 Zionsville

Wide angle is always good for amusing perspective tricks. Or… no, not tricks… my arms really are this long.

From 5-30-2013 Zionsville

And I’m REALLY tall. Heeeelllloooooo down there.

From 5-30-2013 Zionsville

The top two pics are taken from on top of an old train trestle; there’s a wooden walkway down to the creek bed.

From 5-30-2013 Zionsville

And it’s wonderfully old-looking from below.

From 5-30-2013 Zionsville
From 5-30-2013 Zionsville
From 5-30-2013 Zionsville
From 5-30-2013 Zionsville

Finally, it was an active cloud night so I did a couple of time-lapses that are at times moderately amusing. Not terribly, but maybe worth 30 seconds.



So I guess that’s the day that was.


  1. Hi Rob! Nice to see more of your work. I am REALLY impressed – your
    photos are impressive, and you play a harp, first time lapse-know anyone who could play flute with your harp. Thanks for sharing your work with the
    world – I am enjoying it. God Bless, Suzie

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