Carmel Parks Nature – May, 2013

As the afternoon rolled around it seemed a good day to go and see what the natural world was up to. Carmel Indiana offers many parks but I tend to end up at West Park and Coxhall Gardens most frequently and today was no exception. Also, last post I speculated about the joys of the “Golden Hour” and I’m increasingly convinced that the concept is limited to portraiture and landscapes so today when I wandered out while the near-noonday sun was pounding down, I did so with the 500mm zoom and 60mm macro in tow.

I know exactly one bird song and it’s for these colorful critters.

From 5-27-2013 Carmel

I’ve spoken before about my fascination for aquatic plants. These delicate plants live on the boundaries of land and water and were probably the first to poke their heads from the primordial ooze a few hundred million years ago.

From 5-27-2013 Carmel

The reptiles were out in force today as the tiny new-hatched turtles sunned themselves on the vegetation. This one sports a skirt of moss.

From 5-27-2013 Carmel

Usually when I’m out I don’t talk to a soul. Today I was approached twice by people who evidently thought I knew what I was doing as I glared like a big-game hunter into the muck. Happily I was able to direct someone to a cluster of white lotus in the area but another’s search for muskrats was beyond my powers to aid. They were sadly stuck with turtles, which is about as far from muskrats as one can get.

From 5-27-2013 Carmel
From 5-27-2013 Carmel

One thing that’s under-appreciated about carrying a veritable 500mm cannon around, beyond the sheer weight of the thing, is that it’s just idiotically hard to keep anything in frame at that zoom let alone keep it focused. Many of my shots were sadly poor in focus but a few came out as crisply as I could ever have hoped for. Will make a mental note to be more patient next time, at least as far as it’s possible to be patient with birds flitting about from branch to branch like nuts.

From 5-27-2013 Carmel

Heading to Coxhall gardens for the second part of the day, I switched to macro.

From 5-27-2013 Carmel

Bees are a perennial favorite, especially against contrasting color backgrounds.

From 5-27-2013 Carmel

And I love buds of all sorts, even of the rather lackluster day lily. There’s so much pent-up potential here. Soon this will grow, burst, bloom and die. Sad, sure, but it’ll enjoy the trip. An allegory for life if ever I saw one.

From 5-27-2013 Carmel

The benefactors who created (or at least funded) the gardens stand as silent guardians. The kids always call them rather creepy but this is a caring face if ever I saw one, metal though it may be.

From 5-27-2013 Carmel

I often underestimate the power of the macro lens and also forget to appreciate the intricacies of the common dandelion. Such worlds contained herein.

From 5-27-2013 Carmel

OK, that’s the day that was. As always, click the link to download copies. You have my permission to print, share, do whatever with my photos, as long as you don’t profit financially. The world is open and free to be shared; I’m just borrowing it with my camera.


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  1. Diana Castell

    Rob, I love these pictures… Diana

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