Zionsville, Indiana – May 2013

Lately it’s occurred to me that it has been a frightfully long time since I’ve posted anything. Apparently photography is at times a daily obsession and at other times a semi-annual one. At any rate…

The Midwest is officially in the verdant throes of Spring officially it seems, though in Zionsville the roads diverging in the woods are paved with tarmac.

From 5-20-2013 Zionsville

For once I bothered to wander out in the hours just before dusk. They call this the “golden hour” of photography but I’ve never been a huge believer in that. Doubt aside though, the lighting is fairly gentle and the colors true.

From 5-20-2013 Zionsville

I’m a sucker for contrasts; here a harsh metallic bridge hides a starburst sun.

From 5-20-2013 Zionsville

Since I was last here the city has put in a new pedestrian bridge over this little creek. Not a bad view.

From 5-20-2013 Zionsville

Remnants of the older vehicular bridge, complete with some grim history.

From 5-20-2013 Zionsville

OK, I said a couple of photos ago that I wasn’t a fan of the “golden hour” theory but I love the lighting in this shot. So maybe I am a fan, though a reluctant one.

From 5-20-2013 Zionsville

The denizens of Zionsville, though they are close to a major metropolitan area, aren’t far from their smalltown roots as demonstrated by their outdoor decor.

From 5-20-2013 Zionsville

And nothing says Indiana like this. Again, the angle of the lighting…

From 5-20-2013 Zionsville

Missing from this picture is the adjoining sign that says to use the front door. What? No special Hippies-only door in 2013? feh!

From 5-20-2013 Zionsville

And so the day ends with a golden and thorny crown.

From 5-20-2013 Zionsville

Also, I’ve been asked in the past about prints of my photos. If you want a print just click the album link and download a copy and have it printed by whatever lab you prefer. I don’t make any money off of that and don’t expect to. We live in a free and highly visual world. Share and share alike. Print my photos all you want and hang them on your wall but don’t go around selling them for your own profit lest the wheel of karma crush you like a bug.


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