Of Lamps, Rocks and Random Bits of Nature

In retrospect, it cannot be denied that today’s photo jaunts were more random even than usual.

#1 I started the day trying to stage this lamp for a photo. See previous post on why this is important or even remotely interesting. My intent here was to be vastly anachronistic and when you have a lamp from the 60s and a Look magazine from 1938 just laying around this isn’t terribly difficult.

From 11-25-2012 The Lamp

#2/#3 After the lamp I wanted about in the local forest remnant a bit. It wouldn’t be a trip to the forest without fungus.

From 11-26-2012 Misc
From 11-26-2012 Misc

#4 Someday if I wander in the forest long enough I’ll find a mammal that’s not a squirrel. Some day but not today.

From 11-26-2012 Misc

#5 Abandoned homes awaiting the spring.

From 11-26-2012 Misc

#6 Ending the day with some macro shots of a few mineral samples I suddenly find myself with.

From 11-26-2012 Misc

#7 Pyrite and quartz

From 11-26-2012 Misc

And so ends another exceptionally random day. It occurs… not even a single human anywhere near any of these shots. Hrm.


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