Misc Photos for 11-5-2012

A rather random assortment of shots from yesterday.


Mostly just enjoy the contrast here. Harsh metal versus soft rustling leaves.


The birds are busily cleaning up the fall… whatever those are.


Wandering in the forest we came upon an orange construction barrel. Mother nature has gone a bureaucratic.


One finds the oddest litter in the forest.


The find of the day was this compost bin full of jack-o-lanterns.


This whole situation strikes me as rather iconic of all holidays. We feast, we celebrate, then we discard.


Later in the day back in the apartment I had some items to photograph so there was a brief spate of random puttering.

And that ends thus ends the day. Now if only I’d written proper descriptions for all the photos I took and tagged them with proper keywords. So many layers of work here. Any volunteers?


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