Advertising: 1967 Yashica Cameras

As one is out shooting with ones digital camera that holds 9,000 photos at once I think it’s fairly important to remember that we’ve come a long way since the ‘Modern Miracle Transistor’.

From Classic Ads – Photography


  1. Hi Rob, I have an elementary question – from your web site, how do I get
    to IN MEMORY- Chris’ pictures? I know I can go back to the inbox and click
    on the address that Laura sent, but is there a way from your website?
    Thanks for the help!
    I really enjoyed the expressions from the swim meet. They were perfect!
    Somewhere when Izzy was tired you made the comment that swim meets
    weren’t alot about swimming. Amen to that. I was a swimmer for many
    years, and the meets were boring, except for your personal moment
    in the spot light. And that event had to be wonderfully good to carry
    the enthusiasm to the next meet! Just like the Army – hurry up and wait!

    • Hey Suzie,

      I don’t have a link from here to the Chris photo website. I figure that’s for you and the family to look at so I don’t advertise it to the public at large. The link from Laura’s email really is the best bet.

      And thanks; I’m glad you enjoyed the last batch of pics. ๐Ÿ™‚

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