Beholders, and their Eyes…

As of late I’ve found myself rather lethargic.  Summer days slip by while my shutter sits silently in its bag.  When soon the winter comes I’ll lament the opportunities lost.  To combat my creeping sloth, I occasionally go looking for contests and photo ops.  To my joy the local community theatre answered my offer from months ago to do some photography for them so we shall see what that holds.  I also stumbled upon a photography contest put on by the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  I picked three of my own favorites and submitted them so we’ll see how those fare.

Click each photo to see my entry online and vote for it if you feel so inclined.

The Catch
One of those chance encounters with an instant of time after chasing a bird around the park for an hour.
Love found at the IMA
Admittedly a bit on the smutty side but nonetheless one of the most joyous sights of summer. At least if you’re a dragonfly.
The Gift
My sentimental favorite is a tribute left by the grave of a long-dead infant. I imagine a small child visiting other graves with her parents who feels sorry for the baby who was never old enough to even have a toy of their own.

If you want to see all the entries then you can do so here.

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