From the Yard – 6-17-2012

One of my recurring themes is the idea that you don’t have to go very far for good photography. This last batch was all shot within walking distance of the house.

It was Laura who spotted these tiny birds outside our window first. Emotionally, they seem to encapsulate the idea of helpless yearning to a “T”.

From 6-16-2012 From the Yard
From 6-16-2012 From the Yard

Later I wandered into the yard where I found a tiny green spider just waiting to have his photo taken.

From 6-16-2012 From the Yard
From 6-16-2012 From the Yard

Later in the day, I found these wildflowers just a few minutes from my own house in the Zionsville park.

From 6-17-2012 From the Park


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10 responses to “From the Yard – 6-17-2012

  1. Reema Siddiqui

    Absolutely gorgeous! The spider and wildflower are beautiful! Are you from Zionsvile, IN?

  2. Oh, God, a spider! And one that looks like a ghost (which is how all spiders should look, in my book). But I love the photos of the bird and the lily!

  3. You captured perfectly what I’ve been observing in my backyard and trying to photograph unsuccessfully with my iPhone.

  4. Nice shots – thanks for sharing.

  5. He had the perfect hiding place. Well done…!!!

  6. Hmm, I wonder how looking like a surprised monkey is a survival advantage for a green spider?

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