The Spider’s Parlor

A few days ago as we were bringing in the groceries, I couldn’t help but notice a rather frustrated buzzing sound.  A brief investigation revealed a fly struggling in a spider’s web.  A few hundred photos later, I give you a time-lapse of the struggle and a rather chilling still.

From 2012-04-09


Filed under Lafayette, macro photography

12 responses to “The Spider’s Parlor

  1. Oh my.. that is a rather chilling still.. wow.. c

  2. Oh my goodness, that is fantastic, yes it is chilling, but nature is. You have done that wonderfully, thanks for sharing it.

  3. Said the spider to the fly…..lunch….incredible photo and yikes!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. Excellent capture Rob. I wonder where the spider kept nipping of to. And I guess in the end he must have given the fly a deadly bite?
    Good stuff.

  5. Your macro work is astoundingly good. It’s amazing how tiny spiders can overcome bigger critters. Of course, without the web. . . God knew what He was doing, as always.

  6. Good lord…it’s always the little ones you have to watch out for.. I learned this about dogs once 😀

  7. Creepifying! Nature’s way…

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