Just another Day

As I look at my photo archives I realize that as of late my albums bear rather generic titles. In some ways it’s as if I’m just randomly throwing crap into the ocean of the internet. Looking at the results though I can’t help but feel quite a bit of pride. Each day that I bother to take photos I feel as if I come back with something pretty interesting despite the fact that my planning is exceptionally minimal. I enter each day with very few intentions and yet good still seems to result. On some deeper level I can’t help but ponder what that means. Am I just casting my lucky chafe to the wind or is there some larger statement being made? I like to think that the statement in question is simply that “the world is beautiful all by itself if you will only take time to look!” For every picture I do take there are a dozen that I cannot that I wish I could. Our world really is a beautiful one but how many of us actually take the time to realize that? While those who bear the official title of “professional photographer” click away at the same rehearsed, banal, redundant poses, I’m hopeful that some of us will still spend the time to capture the natural world as it is, without embellishment. OK, enough philosophy. How about some photos?

Over the past week or so I’ve been fiddling about with the idea of letting the camera do what it’s good at when it comes to time-lapse photography. Until this week I’ve been very strictly following the idea that you pick an exposure and let the camera carry on with it throughout the life of the video. This was advice received very early on and it made sense since you typically want a video to be exposed consistently. This week it’s become apparent that modern equipment is much smarter than the human eye so I’ve let the light meter do it’s job. As a result, I’ve managed to span the day-to-night transition quite adequately. (Though I do tend to go out and max out the exposure time at 6 seconds as light levels drop so the timing stays in step)

Today I spent a fair amount of time on the ground. These dandelions could not be resisted against the morning sun. (Oh, as usual, you can see the day’s whole album online.)

From Misc for 462012

Later in the day, Laura and I spent a good hour chasing these Tree Swallows around the Celery Bog.

From Misc for 462012
From Misc for 462012
From Misc for 462012
From Misc for 462012
From Misc for 462012

As usual, there were always plenty of Flowers.

From Misc for 462012

Spring is sprung, and what would spring be without the six-spotted tiger beetle?

From Misc for 462012

At the end of the day, there was, of course, more yard fluff to look at. I’m endlessly fascinated by dandelions. Those barbs remind one of a really terrible weapon of some sort.

From Misc for 462012

And what would any day outside be without a shy spider.

From Misc for 462012
From Misc for 462012

The last shot of this post strikes me as … well, very touchingly maternal. I’ve had many shots that people didn’t really appreciate until I wrapped a few words around them. This one just makes me think so much of parenthood. The dandelion is spent, its seeds exhausted, yet it looks back on this long line of hopeful seeds finding their way into the wind. It’s tragic and yet hopeful all at once. In retrospect I’m not exactly sure how this shot was even possible. It was just waiting there for me to find it.

From Misc for 462012

As I sit here at almost 1am, my mind wanders a bit from the creative to the material. Today when Laura and I were out shooting it became evident to me that her camera is starting to creep towards its last legs. Auto-focus is becoming increasingly questionable, sensitivity in the sensor is starting to decline. She’s using my Canon 20D which is a hand-me-down that I bought used several years ago. Her artistic desire is strong yet her equipment is failing. Many times on this blog I’ve gone on about how art, especially that drawn from the simplest realities of the world, should be free. It’s times like this though, with old equipment starting to fail that I wish my viewpoint was a tad more materialistic. New cameras do not buy themselves no matter how altruistic the intentions.


  1. Its clear to me, you got share all your camaras with her. That is: if you want her to improve en develop:-) Consider that she can be a better photagrapher that you one day. Scary huh?

    On the time lapse: I don’t like it. I realize you are playing and are pleased with the result but I like the frame to be either round or square. That first part is awesome as it looks like a globe(earth) that is turning. I like to see that in a full round frame.

  2. Excellent time lapse Rob.
    Not sure why you link your pics to google though, it just takes more time to get to view them, especially if one is on a slow server. Twice today I gad to give up waiting for picasa to load and therefore didn’t see a number of your pics. Just a thought……and thought you may be interested in my feedback. Meanwhile the pics are great.

  3. So glad to have you back Rob! Great photos! I love, love the dandilion fish-eye shot as well as the super close up! Not a fan of bugs but you do make them more appealing to view. Great display of nature!

  4. I’m glad I found your blog. I grew up in Rochester so your photos of the Battle of Tippecanoe brought back a lot of memories. I didn’t see any from the Trail of Courage – don’t tell me you have not taken any photos from there! Keep up the good work.

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