Operational Delay

It’s been three weeks since I last wrote. At least in part this is because my internet was out for nearly 2 weeks. In that time, I got into the habit of not bothering with the internet. There are, it seems, still an ocean of books awaiting my attention. However, I still wandered with the camera. I just didn’t quite bother to blog about it. At any rate, on with some non-textual somethings. As always, click the photo for more detail and to scroll through the bits of the album that I don’t bother to post about.

On St. Patty’s day Laura and I wandered about downtown. We found this couple getting their picture taken. I’m always amused by the gyrations that professional photographers put their clients though. Is this REALLY the best representation of their relationship? The same stale repeated poses that everyone has in their photos?

From 2012-03-18

Later in the weekend, we found ourselves at the IMA. I was tickled by this bug and his shadow.

From IMA 03-18-2012

It was a day for macro and shallow depth of field. I admired the detail on this silver urn

From IMA 03-18-2012

And this archer looks interesting at extremely close range.

From IMA 03-18-2012

The detail of this oriental urn is inspiring.

From IMA 03-18-2012

Jumping forward a week, I spent some time during the last storm trying to capture some lightning with variable success.

From 2012-03-25
From 2012-03-25

During some of the drier days, I traipsed about in the forest quite a bit. This next photo of an ant peering into the abyss is one of those that I find exceptionally gratifying. It is, so far, one that I only seem to appreciate.

From 2012-03-25

And these tiny snails love to nibble on mushrooms as much as I do.

From 2012-03-25

And no day outside is complete without some bug porn.

From 2012-03-25

Today was a trip to the IMA grounds.

From Misc Weekend of 4/1/2012
From Misc Weekend of 4/1/2012
From Misc Weekend of 4/1/2012

I shot a few time-lapses during this time too of course. On the canal…

Purdue University during passing periods…

And Lafayette downtown.

My apologies for the rather un-detailed brain-dump here. Catching up from weeks away is never pleasant either to do or behold. Check out my photo gallery  and my YouTube channel if you like. These are all updated more or less immediately with my work but it apparently takes me several weeks to write a blog entry sometimes. If all that’s not enough, you can go like the Facebook page too.


  1. I like the ant also. Also agree with the cliche couple/pregnancy pic. Really like the pic w tulips in foreground and Oldfields in the background. And, how awesome to shoot in time-lapse clouds moving over and reflecting in the windows of the JW. That building is the coolest thing downtown. Among my fav buildings anywhere, actually.

  2. Got to love how wonderful a tiny insect can look in a photo. Where once you may have simply stepped on that ant on your way down the street, here you are, at a new perspective, appreciating the beauty, the wonder, the magnificence of an ant! (Can you tell I work with ants?! lol) Great shots.

  3. I loved your tulip and close up shots!
    Also, completely agree with you about the couple portraits. I have a few friends who play at professional photographer from time to time (that’s a whole other topic, though) and I absolutely detest those stock poses. That one you captured looked particularly boring for the wife especially… she looks like she’d rather be somewhere else doing anything other than those tacky photos. Keep it creative and expressive, people!

  4. I totally agree with what you’re saying about the first picture of the couple. Who knows though, perhaps they wanted to pose like that lol Anyway, your pictures are awesome and I must say that I really, really enjoyed your time lapse videos (Especially the one with the clouds reflecting in the building). Keep up the great work! πŸ˜€

  5. You’ve got some great macro shots here – taken sporadically yet with great detail, I particularly like the bug and his shadow. Great stuff!

  6. Excellent photos and timelapses, as usual! Loved the bugs, shadow and ant, and the other macros. The ferns are reminiscent of your photo that started it all. Something really amazing and profound-seeming about how timelapses compress so much of the world just going by into a short space. It’s relaxing, just like watching the world go by for a bit, but faster! πŸ™‚ Really cool to see people zipping by, and yet walking…

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