Another Splat of Randomness for March the 1st

It’s become apparent that randomness is more the rule than the exception so I will endeavor to forget to mention it in future.

On the way home it was determined, after next to no internal argument, that I needed to stop somewhere to photograph SOMETHING. After all, it had been an entire day since I’d posted something and that sort of delay just won’t be tolerated. My first stop was the circle downtown where I took a few time-lapse movies that I can only describe as excruciatingly dull.

Anyway, go enjoy the whole channel if you’re really into random time-lapse.

Luckily there were a few random shots to save the day from total tedium.

I was amused by this rather placid reflection. Really ready for spring I don’t mind telling you.

From Misc Photos for 3-2-2012 and Nighttime

One of my stops on the way back was an old rural cemetery. The lighting here makes the place look rather hellish to me.

From Misc Photos for 3-2-2012 and Nighttime
From Misc Photos for 3-2-2012 and Nighttime

The sky overhead though… was heavenly.

From Misc Photos for 3-2-2012 and Nighttime
From Misc Photos for 3-2-2012 and Nighttime

And that’s the day that was.


  1. Considering you were (as you put it) on the road to total tedium, I think you came out of it very well. *Love* the moon-through-the-branches shot!

  2. Thanks for visiting Contemplative Vision! Did you avoid the storms today? I’ve spent a good bit of time in recent years in Madison, Nashville, and the arts festivals at Bloomington and Indy. S. IN is one of my favorite places.

  3. There is a better word for ‘random’ when coming from you. That word is ‘interesting’. 🙂 You’re too modest. But then, that’s a nice ‘problem’ to have…

  4. Wanted to stop by and say thank you for liking my post. Am glad that I did come to your page… your photographs are beautiful!! So, do you ever go overseas for photo shoots? 🙂

  5. Hi! First off, thanks for liking a post of mine today…if this one here is deemed random in category for you, then the same goes for the post of mine that you liked. Sometimes, when all the conversation in my head is going in too many directions I post random pictures from online or my cell phone just to feel like I’ve accomplished ‘something’ in the blog world. But anyways, I love your sparkling star sky shots. I was just looking at the CA sky the other night noticing how diamond-like the stars seemed. And I got wonderful déjà vu from your post today. Good work.

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