Randomness from the past couple days

The past couple of days have been rather excessively work-oriented at my day job so this is clearly missing a theme but that doesn’t stop my shutter from flapping.

Last night I was at work late so as consolation I left the camera set up and clicking away in a conference room overlooking a major interstate

Coming home tonight I had that irresistible urge to photograph…. something. Thus, a collection of random shots from around the house.

From 2012-02-28
From 2012-02-28
From 2012-02-28
From 2012-02-28
From 2012-02-28

And that’s the day that was (or two)


  1. Excellent time lapses! The building in the frame — I think that’s the one I used to work in years ago. One of the two that shape anyway…

    Where’d you find those bubbles? The zipper looks like a giant, dramatic sculpture at that scale! Is that penny soldered into that circuit?? 🙂 All excellent photos!

  2. thanks for finding my blog. your photos are awesome. i wish i had your skills when it came to a camera.

  3. The zipper shot is desktop wallpaper waiting to happen – it would work beautifully – but plastering it with icons really wouldn’t do it justice. I still can’t quite get the hang of macro photography; my wife does that better. She’s very good at noticing the small things. The bubbles are awesome as well!

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