New Day, New Digs

As my assiduous readers will no doubt remember, a couple weeks ago I took a photographic stroll around my company’s current offices with the knowledge that they would soon become the old office. Today was a day of introduction to the new office in all its glory.

Let me begin by noting that it is absolutely mind-boggling how much work and preparation goes into moving an entire office across town. I cannot begin to fathom the number of hours involved in this effort and those involved should be most heartily applauded. Now that the whole process is completed I feel rather sad that I didn’t have the opportunity to assist in some way. It’s rather like having someone else do your home work for you. No matter, on to the tour!

From the outside, there’s a lot of building here. We really are ‘moving on up’ as the old song goes.  Let’s smack some beans on that grill!  They won’t burn!

From New Office – 2/26/2012

Those who visited our offices previously will be significantly more impressed with the new entry…

From New Office – 2/26/2012

And the view is vastly improved from the inside.

From New Office – 2/26/2012

And the kitchen… holy shit what an improvement.

From New Office – 2/26/2012

And the most important thing, really, the primary reason we moved at all was so that Grant could have an office.

From New Office – 2/26/2012

Off in the dim and misty distance we can even see downtown.

From New Office – 2/26/2012

One item of particular note here. We’re a software development group and probably the only developers in the universe who opted for an open office concept rather than the private little coffins… er, cubicals, that seem so popular.

From New Office – 2/26/2012

Wow whatttalottastuffinboxes.

From New Office – 2/26/2012

I think everybody must raise their pinky to take iPhone pictures. It’s like drinking a dainty cup of photographic tea.

From New Office – 2/26/2012

The boardroom is now officially too big for the table I think. Love the painting by the wall though.

From New Office – 2/26/2012

This is my boss so watch what you say about him. This is his “I’m embarrassed for you my picture to take” face. He’ll probably fire me tomorrow. He’s a funny sort of boss because he’s the only one I’ve ever had who steadfastly refused to read my blog and then say the next day that I’m inscrutable. Funny that.

From New Office – 2/26/2012

Yup. This about sums up the software industry. Beer taps and bags and bags of McDonalds. That’s how Google got its start. Except they probably had In and Out Burger or something fancy like that.

From New Office – 2/26/2012

And yes, they work. What kind of beer is it you ask? Who gives a shit? It’s beer. At work.

From New Office – 2/26/2012

I love a bit of reflection self-portraiture but this seems a smidge grim.

From New Office – 2/26/2012

And the cylindrical buildings around us are going to make for awesome photo fodder.

From New Office – 2/26/2012

And that’s the day that was.


  1. This definitely a great environment to work in! The kitchen is insane! I actually prefer the open concept. Communication and human contact is not what it used to be. Thanks for sharing your new diggs!

  2. Thumbs up from me too! Open concept is better than cubicles unless you can have your own office. The kitchen is devine. I didn’t look to see if there was a cappucino maker! Boardroom is big – maybe you could put an area rug under table to make the room feel warmer – or put in some book shelves along the wall + some big art. This is definitely an office I would love to work in.

  3. · Keystone at the Crossing?
    · “only developers in the universe who opted for an open office concept” — au contrare — agile teams very much favor open office concepts too.
    · “dainty cup of photographic tea” — Lol!
    · What painting? What painting?!?
    · That’s ok, I know that withering scowl is just your thinking face. 🙂
    · bulleted blog comment — lol!

  4. Wow, that sure beats the basement they have me working in. Sometimes, when we’re lucky, they’ll quickly open the door and throw in some potato chips. Good times those were.

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