A Random Trip Around Purdue – 2/20/2012

Firstly I must apologize that tonight’s post will actually be a double because I’ve been remiss in unloading my camera. I find that if I don’t put down words with the photos soon after I upload them then “later” very quickly becomes “never”. So here you have post the first.  (Whole album here)

Eric and Laura and I started out on a random stroll on last Monday and as usual just set out for “wherever the wind took us.” The first locale that struck my eye was an act of absolute retail genius. Where better to sell your cookies at 3am than a college campus? I’m betting that around finals week they they’re absolutely swamped.

From Random Trip around Purdue – 02-20-2012

I couldn’t help but giggle in an unmanly manner at this sign. It’s almost as if the door has a pesky fungal infection. In reality the door is of simpler construction than normal so that the athletes can successfully figure out how to open it. (yeah, yeah, I know, cheap shot)

From Random Trip around Purdue – 02-20-2012

Moving on from my witless banter about athletes and their mental acuity, I found these metal drainage grates around the trees near Mackey Arena very striking.

From Random Trip around Purdue – 02-20-2012

This fairly new sculpture of a Boilermaker is pretty striking. Get it? Striking? Yes, it’s one of those posts. I apologize. Did I mention you can just click one of the photos and flip through without my commentary?

From Random Trip around Purdue – 02-20-2012
From Random Trip around Purdue – 02-20-2012

After we leave the Burly Bronze Boilermaker behind, the Stonehenge Surfboards of Slayter Hill beckoned to us.

From Random Trip around Purdue – 02-20-2012

Not far from there, the Purdue water tower looms. Lucky for you I can’t think of a pun for that one.

From Random Trip around Purdue – 02-20-2012

And we close with one of my favorite campus features. The variegated slate tile roof of Cary Quad always strikes me especially. For an engineering campus, there’s still a fair amount of attention to artistic detail.

From Random Trip around Purdue – 02-20-2012

And that’s the day that was.



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11 responses to “A Random Trip Around Purdue – 2/20/2012

  1. Hail, hail to ol’ Purdue, all hail to our old gold and black….
    Hail, hail to ol’ Purdue, our friendship may she never lack……

  2. I used to write love letters to a certain occupant of Cary Quad, but have never laid eyes upon it until now – thank you so much!

  3. Nicholas of DS Cigars

    Insomnia cookies are the best! There is an insomnia cookie truck in Philadelphia, and I had to pull over and try one. They were worth it. I had to look them up, it looks like they are a chain, located near a college campus, what a great idea, wish there was one when I was in college.

  4. very nice shots. I really enjoyed these pictures.

  5. I know some farmers who will join in the song when they see this… especially in basketball season!

  6. Looks like a nice day for it! love the blacksmith shots and the surfboard Stonehenge.

  7. Love it. I work on a campus, so I love getting to look around other beautiful campuses.

  8. Hail Purdue! Great pictures of campus. I lived in Cary Quad all four years.

  9. All very nice pictures and interesting sights.

  10. I enjoyed taking a tour that I may never see first hand. I like the variety of camera angles. reminds mr to change it up sometimes.

  11. I just really like your sign-off line. I could get used to a mind-set like that.

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