Indy to Lafayette: 2 Minutes

Alright, well, I think I’ve expended my ability to be entertained by this exact sort of time-lapse photography, specifically car-based straight ahead. The result here is, plus or minus some sun-flares, about as good as I could expect I suppose. Time to move on to some other angle or subject or something…

I need to do the whole dawn/dusk thing properly and perhaps germinate a few seeds. Other thoughts?


  1. I love time-lapse! And I wish that’s how long that drive took. It was interesting watching the traffic at this speed, the passing, and just the mechanics of how all interact on the interstate. Almost makes it appear as science.

  2. I assume that is I-65….I have driven that a countless number of times. It is always extremely busy with a lot of trucks. It is one of the main roads coming out of the Chicago area….very necessary in the freight moving business. Thanks for this, Rob. I live on I-55 between Chicago and St. Louis, another busy interstate route. I’ve never thought it to be as busy and treacherous as I-65 though.

  3. Excellent Rob! Do you need anything special equipment wise or is that straight from the camera? Secondly how did you ‘convert’ to Video (YouTube).
    Love it!
    Thanks for sharing


    • Yeah, it’s funny that I’ve seen a copy every time I’ve done this. So it’s endlessly amusing to me to note that somebody is getting pulled over for doing 40 in a 30 while I’m apparently zooming by at 1800. šŸ™‚

  4. I like this one a lot. And do I ever wish I could do that trip so quickly. I’ve made it plenty of times in the last few years carting the kiddo to/from Purdue. I like this one a lot better than your Greenwood to Zionsville time lapse, though both were good.

    You should check out this guy’s website or follow him on facebook: Some really fantastic timelapse photography.

    I too am curious how you put this together. I took photos last Spring of a tree budding — a few shots daily from bud to bloom to leaf — but I’ve never done anything with them. The tree died during the summer and I was just thinking the other day how I need to have it removed, which reminded me that I never followed through with the time lapse portion of that project.

  5. Time lapse in traffic seems to accentuate differences in relative speed. I noticed at first that you lingered behind a truck for a while, then seemed to think ‘enough of this’ and thereafter passed one after another. Much the same way I tend to drive, except much faster! šŸ™‚ Then later cars on the left appeared to fly past you. Yeah, it’s the time lapse… Don’t show this to any police!

    • Yeah, it’s funny, I’ve recently gotten some criticism on my driving style based on these time lapses. šŸ™‚ But yes, there’s very much an element of, “oh, enough!”

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