Greenwood to Zionsville in 40 Seconds…

Lately I’ve been piddling about with time-lapse photography.  This is the 40-minute trip from the south side of Indy to the north side condensed to about 40 seconds.



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14 responses to “Greenwood to Zionsville in 40 Seconds…

  1. I love time-lapse photography like that. I do it with flowers. I find a large garden with the same flowers and then, in the space of a couple of minutes, take pictures of flowers from bud to death, a time frame that might normally take a couple of weeks.

  2. That’s awesome. I’m just twelve minutes up the road from you. I vote you do a time-lapse of a sunset.

    • Thanks, Jared. I actually did that this morning. We’ll see how the results are. It was certainly a cold morning to be standing outside for an hour guarding a camera. 🙂

      • Awesome, can’t wait to see it! Yeah, it was really cold. The weather here has been nuts lately – teens and snow to forties and rain. Gross.

  3. I think I’ve had trucks pass me that quickly on I-465! 🙂

    Great compilation. Just a personal preference, but I think I would like to have seen it slowed down just a bit so that you could actually take in some of the shots. For time lapse of a static object, I think you need the speed, but when moving, like in this one, I think it is almost too much to take in. I think I would want this even more if I didn’t know the place. But, just my preference.

    • Yeah, I agree with you completely here. This comes from a number of things:

      a. I did 2-second intervals rather than 1-second so everything’s double fast
      b. The software operator can barely get the movies stitched together and was unable to slow them down despite trying. 🙂

      Since the exposures are all in the range of .2 seconds they’ll not be great to look at singly though your comment does bring to mind that I should probably root through them and verify that before I assume it. There were 998 photos so it’s a lot to go through!

  4. Cool! This stuff looks great when it’s done right (still working on that!). Keep shooting!

  5. RMW

    Well done… I enjoyed the ride! Looking forward to seeing more of your time lapse photography.

  6. Nice timelapse sequence. Hope to see more.

  7. It was a fun ride, and I’m looking forward to seeing an Indiana sunset.

  8. ha ha glad you wern’t driving!!! great work.

  9. That’s awesome! Did you use that remote you showed me on Amazon?

    I just discovered a nasty surprise. WordPress in its wisdom decided I should no longer be following Rob Slaven Photography. I’ve missed your last 5 posts! Wouldn’t you know it — this awesomeness is the first one I missed! I thought you were just focusing on your other blogs or just sitting quietly. 🙂 This is the one I try hardest to keep up with. Man! Very dismayed that I seem to be finding bugs like this in WordPress…

    • Thanks, and yeah, that remote works quite swimmingly. As for WP… yeah, I dunno. My blog organization makes it a bit tricky anyway so I’m not keen to necessarily blame WP. Either way, welcome back!

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