A Tour through the Old Office and the Rest of the Day…

It’s been my long-standing belief that as a people we don’t really give our everyday surroundings the respect they deserve. These are part of our lives for a long time yet we record them with little more than our rather fluid memories of them. My company’s corporate office is moving to another building at the end of the month so this afternoon, in an effort to capture the moment permanently, I went to the office and treated it as I would any of my other photographic subjects, capturing but not manipulating.

The staff has looked at this old building with no small nostalgia since the move was announced. This post-it along with several others placed on a plate glass window in a conference room termed “the aquarium” sums it up rather nicely and is the cover of the album online.

From T2 Systems Office – Before the Move

The company, along with its founder is the winner of many, many awards. It was difficult to do these relics of the company’s history justice without moving them.

From T2 Systems Office – Before the Move
From T2 Systems Office – Before the Move

This bit of abstractness and florality is the first thing visitors see to our little company.

From T2 Systems Office – Before the Move

That’s what the public sees, but there’s more behind the scenes.

From T2 Systems Office – Before the Move

One thing you have to admit about my company (which is rather intentionally not mentioned by name here since this little tour isn’t in any way sanctioned) is that the people who work here are dedicated. I popped into the office on a Sunday afternoon expecting to find the place empty but instead I actually found two other people doing real work. Chandra is our manager of QA and not only was he in the building but also actively doing work and seemingly happy about it.

From T2 Systems Office – Before the Move

This is cubeland. Here’s where all the great things happen. We work here, argue here, laugh here and curse here. It’s the real heart of the plebeian life of the company.

From T2 Systems Office – Before the Move

Every office has its stories. In this case I say simply that our IT staff are militant recyclers. If you accidentally put a staple into the recycle bin you might just get a rocker-launcher dart to the forehead.

From T2 Systems Office – Before the Move

If cubeland is the land of the plebes, the boardroom is the land of the executives. If you think it’s hard deciding on a calling pattern for the new subroutine you’re writing, try figuring out how to provide health insurance to 115 employees and their dependents while still remaining profitable enough to keep the board of directors off your back.

From T2 Systems Office – Before the Move

But as with any company, it’s not all about work, work and more work… We have our points of recreation and relaxation too.

From T2 Systems Office – Before the Move

The breakroom is also where all the free sodas live. Mmmmmm….. soda.

From T2 Systems Office – Before the Move

And the pool table…

From T2 Systems Office – Before the Move

Not to mention the occasional chess game that breaks out…

From T2 Systems Office – Before the Move

Oh, and there’s also some… ummm… storage! Yes, that’s it! Storage!

From T2 Systems Office – Before the Move
From T2 Systems Office – Before the Move

Alright, that’s all I can show you without having to kill you. Time to…

From T2 Systems Office – Before the Move

So after finishing up at the office, I had to go somewhere and unwind. I have to admit that when I discovered that other people were in the office it did create a fair bit of anxiety. My photographic techniques are fairly undignified and the idea of doing it where people I work with can see it freaked me out a bit. So what better place to end up than the park in Zionsville.

Zionsville road, the major thoroughfare through the city, has undergone many iterations it seems. On either side of the current road there are old bridges long since fallen into non-existence but the old pylons remain.

From Zionsville Creekside Park – 2-12-2012

Under the current bridge, the drainage pipes always offer interest in the winter.

From Zionsville Creekside Park – 2-12-2012

On the other side of the road, I paid a price to take this photo. I spotted it from below and climbed up an embankment to get it from a different angle. Sadly, as I was walking and watching my footing closely on some lose gravel I forgot that there was a 20-ton concrete bridge overhead and walked right into it head first. Regardless of potential concussion, I got the shot.

From Zionsville Creekside Park – 2-12-2012

Zionsville is an affluent town. There’s not really a ton of disaffected youth here. Need proof? Check out the graffiti under the bridge:

From Zionsville Creekside Park – 2-12-2012

Water levels were low so it was easy enough to find a place to stand in the middle of the creek.

From Zionsville Creekside Park – 2-12-2012

I’ll close with the first flowers I’ve found of this not-really-springtime. These seem doomed but at least they had their day.

From Zionsville Creekside Park – 2-12-2012

And that’s the day that was.



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19 responses to “A Tour through the Old Office and the Rest of the Day…

  1. I was also driven crazy by the SmugMug idiosyncracies, so much so that I gave up.

  2. Umm, can I come to work there? On second thought, judging from the top shelf of the fridge, they probably have no need for a therapist πŸ˜€

  3. Leigh-Ann Friedel

    hey rob! thanks for liking some of my pieces on my portfolio site! πŸ™‚

  4. Thank you for correcting the watermark situation. Seeing how the huge watermark across the middle of the photo in your previous post frankly ruined the photo, made me angry. Yes, really. That shit would have made me drop Smugmig like a rock that had been in the campfire, and with ample swearing too. Was going to mention it after I cooled off, but you’ve already taken care of it! πŸ™‚

    So, more feedback of a more even keel. Personally, I hit picassa whichever photo host you have them at, to see them bigger, more detail. I cannot readily see how to do that with Smugmug, and have not figured it out yet. Imo, this makes it a complete waste of time… No point in clicking away from baseball card size, only to see it again baseball card size.

    Interesting tour of the office! πŸ™‚ Yeah, kids in the Zionsville hoods gots it rough alright. That “graffiti” — lol! It’s practically a mural. Glad you survived head-butting the bridge!

    • Heh, angry?! Wow. Well I’m glad I corrected it. As I said, it’s … well, it’s a work in progress in general.

      As for the greater detail photos, I sent you a link. And yes, that’s a good analogy. They are muralling not graffiting.

  5. Super fun story of the old ‘hood. And I love your images of the rusty icicled drain pipes!

  6. I loved this rusty pipe too… Fascinated me. It was a wonderful post to read. Thank you dear Rob, have a nice week, with my love, nia

  7. Hope your new office space creates as many good memories as the old one did.

  8. Wow Rob…another great series of photographs! I also enjoyed your writing, as I usually do. I particularly liked the drainage pipe (very cool!) as well as the employee relaxation beverages…..and the last one, the first flowers (brilliant!) and I LOVE your comment….they’re doomed, but they had their day….indeed, and you were there to witness and capture it. NICE!

  9. I’ve been up that creek (or one like it) on many occasions. Mmmmmm beeeer!!

  10. Photographing your office was a great idea. You’ve left me thinking of all the potential photo ops in the mundane places and spaces in life. Those deserve to be recorded too,…and they have their own kind of beauty and poise. Thanks!

    I’m still exploring the watermark options. I do think it’s important as long as it doesn’t seriously impact the photo.

  11. I reallly enjoyed this tour, Rob! And I liked that you ended with the snowdrops – mine have just popped their heads out of the ground, too.

  12. Wow, looks to nice to be true? Is this really your work place? I mean, one can play chess, and pool etc? Wow..

  13. http://photographyofnia.com/2012/02/15/awards-thank-you/
    Dear Rob, you are one of my nominated blogger for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you, with my love, nia

  14. That’s a nice office. How about tossing me one of those beers!

  15. Nice DOF on the Chess set. I still have to work on that skill. — DOF, not chess — LOL

  16. Brett Erickson

    I like the conference table; a nice allegory for the focus of American visual culture in the modern era, the PowerPoint presentation. Thanks for the visit and like on my blog!

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