Golden Oldie Ads

As much as I love modern photography equipment in all its technological greatness, I still think it would be rather cool to carry about a camera with a bellows.

This sucker would have run you between $12 and $19. That’s $129 if you account for inflation which isn’t a bad deal.

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  1. I have a Zeiss Ikon folding bellows camera on loan from a coworker; it was his father’s and hadn’t been used in decades. I ran a roll of Ilford 3200 through last year (the only 120 film I had at the time), and the results were really fun. Very vintage look, and the clarity was great. While shooting I used my Canon Rebel as the light meter to set the shutter and aperture at the appropriate spots. Like you say, really fun 🙂

    Here’s the article I wrote about my experience!

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