Ten Feet From My Desk

To start off, this is the first time anyone has ever prompted me to write a post because they spotted a new batch of photos on my Facebook page before they saw them here so congrats to rommel for being on the ball there.

So, the theme of this post is rather a cliche one but I’m posting it anyway since I bothered to take the pictures. The venue for the photos in this post are all within ten feet of my desk. I’ve often argued that there is great beauty and meaning just in our everyday lives waiting to be captured. Not to mention, I had a new flash that needed to be played with.

Today’s photo set is up on Smugmug. Smugmug is nice enough to let you buy prints of anything you like.. Also, if you have anything you want photographed, drop me a line. Just know that the results will also be put online and free for the world to use.

OK, down to it. So there are some photos that I think as photographers we just have to attempt. Among these must-do photos is the old water drop shot. This is my first attempt at this bit of cliche photography and I’ve seen a LOT better results than these but ya gotta do it so here it is.

From Ten Feet From My Desk

Focus in this is soft but the flash reflection makes it worthwhile.

From Ten Feet From My Desk

Now for this I put on my science hat. Water is sticky. Look at that surface tension. All those water molecules with a very slightly different charge on one end that makes them all stick together like so many magnets. Please ignore the fact that I need to de-lime my faucets.

From Ten Feet From My Desk

More sticky water. Just love the depth in this shot.

From Ten Feet From My Desk

Focus is a bit soft here, but it’s the best I could summon up in the hour I spent on this.

From Ten Feet From My Desk

So hereby hangs a tale. Due to… circumstances… in my childhood, I was raised primarily by my grandparents. For as long as I can remember they had an old radio on a table in the front room and this was the spot wherein all the bills and mail accumulated. It was, for me, their iconic possession. When they died, I attended their estate auction and bought only one item and you see it below. The story runs that grandma bought this during the war and it somehow made it through their decades of married life and then to me. I’m afraid to plug it in but I do sometimes take it down and look at it and think about the woman who showed me how to really care about someone else. Any part of me that is giving, is self-less, is comparing, is compassionate, I attribute to the woman who owned this radio.

From Ten Feet From My Desk
From Ten Feet From My Desk

Returning to the world of water, I found the shape here interesting in black and white.

From Ten Feet From My Desk

And the deluge from the common tap looks much different at 1/8000…

From Ten Feet From My Desk

And shots like this make me want to photograph everything I eat and drink… forever. I wonder if that would be a reasonable diet plan?

From Ten Feet From My Desk
From Ten Feet From My Desk

And that’s the day that was…. within 10 feet of my desk. What’s within 10 feet of YOUR desk?


  1. ooooo, I love this. Great shots, and I’ve seen the water drops before…one day I have to try that. But I love the challenge of taking photos of things within 10 feet of my desk. Will have to work on that. Oh, and BTW, you need to de-lime your faucets 🙂

    • ha! Yeah, I hear a little vinegar will clean those right up. 🙂

      So when you do the 10-feet of your desk challenge, post a link back here. I’ll repost all the results!

  2. Well right now, the only water within 10 feet of my desk is me. Doh! The lava lamp on the desk. Water. Sneaky water.

    Anyway the water photos are really cool! You say they’re cliche and every photographer has to do this?? Huh.

  3. I find myself reading and writing about photography way more than shooting (which is clearly completely backwards). I definitely need to give myself some challenges like this. Nice work!

    • Well, there’s a definite balance to be attained, but I think that most of the time the balance is backwards the other direction. It’s not enough to just capture the shot; you’ve got to save the story too. Otherwise you’ll be wondering why you have the picture in the first place.

  4. What’s coming out of that tap taken at 1/8000 sure is Not what I would like to drink! Still a great shot. The bubbles of the lager? close up I thought at first was honeycomb; then I started realizing how in each one of those tiny bubbles is air and That is the reason we burp so much after a fizzy drink!

  5. really nice waterdrops shots, and if you want to try again, you can use colour shining items around the waterdrops to get a reflection of the colour, and this would bring you an interesting restut.
    Good luck

    • Yeah, it’s one of those things you don’t really think about until suddenly you’re taking a macro shot of your taps. God help us all if I ever move on to other appliances and fixtures… ugh!

  6. Great stuff. all of these are beautiful.. i have to say nostalgia from grandparents.. i know what thats like i could have kept reading for hours.. maybe for another post? Thank you for sharing i completely failed at water shots. maybe time to try again 😉

  7. These are wonderful pictures you shared especially loved the water drops…very defining. I do share with you that the most remarkable pictures are taken right at your finger tips. Great job!

  8. “I’ve often argued that there is great beauty and meaning just in our everyday lives waiting to be captured.”

    Very cool and “mindfulness” congruent! Unfortunately, a camera is not within 10 feet of my desk … But when I get it I definitely think this is a fun challenge!

  9. Captivating photos, engaging to look at. And this post reminds me how important and interesting it can be to incorporate a few lines of writing in with a photograph to offer a though or context. Something I need to work on.

  10. Hi Rob. Thanks for visiting and the like. Love this post! Many of the photos I enjoy most are of the ordinary shown in an extraordinary way.

  11. When I bought my first digital camera, I sat on my couch and took pictures that were within reach. I never made it as far as the kitchen faucet. I like your water shots – there’s a lot of skill and time involved to capture the shot but it’s worth it. I plan to explore more of your photographs.

    I understand the reason for the watermark on your pictures, but it is a shame that it cuts right through the middle of the picture.

  12. Great post. It reminds me of the photo exercise where you take one photo a day within a block of where you live. I like that this post is even closer and helps to appreciate our environment.

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