Super Bowl Indy by Night

Today’s photo set is very nearly a carbon copy of yesterday’s except it’s been flipped 36 hours into the future and thus the dark. Like most cities, Indy looks considerably better by night. Here we are looking over the city to Lucas Oil Stadium in the distance. Oh, and you can see the whole Super Bowl set here.

From Indy 2012-01-30 – Superbowl Week – Night

Note that they’re changing the signage. In yesterday’s photos, Peyton was still up to the left of the central window. More on that later.

From Indy 2012-01-30 – Superbowl Week – Night

And of course, as usual, I was distracted by the Citizen’s Gas Thermal plant. I promise that someday I’ll drag home a set of photos that doesn’t include a huge factory.

From Indy 2012-01-30 – Superbowl Week – Night

This was a heck of a party.

From Indy 2012-01-30 – Superbowl Week – Night

Portraiture is tough in the dark, but this rather plain-looking gentleman stood still for quite a while so everyone could take his picture.

From Indy 2012-01-30 – Superbowl Week – Night

The Marriott really stands out much more in the dark…

From Indy 2012-01-30 – Superbowl Week – Night

…thanks to a massive bank of spotlights.

From Indy 2012-01-30 – Superbowl Week – Night

Getting a bit closer to Lucas Oil, I found Brady stinking up the place.

From Indy 2012-01-30 – Superbowl Week – Night

The circle was home to a light show of rather epic proportions.

From Indy 2012-01-30 – Superbowl Week – Night

And the night closed with some fireworks. After three hours traipsing around for the second day in a row, I was more than a bit ready to sit down.

From Indy 2012-01-30 – Superbowl Week – Night

And that was the night that was.



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17 responses to “Super Bowl Indy by Night

  1. Love it Rob! Good set from above 🙂

  2. You’re right….the night time images definitely have a more electric and festive feel to them. And no…no…no! More ‘huge factory’ photographs! It was actually my favorite of the group….well it and the ‘plain-looking gentleman’ one. : )

  3. Fantastic pics! I have to ask . . . what’s the secret to taking a good night time shot? Is it aperture and ISO, or shutter speed? I’m just getting into photography and trying to figure this stuff out!

  4. Glamorholic

    Haha…that superfan is so funny 😀

  5. sunmallia photography

    Awesome group of photos SF should be there though:(

  6. These photos get me so excited for the SuperBowl!!! Amazing photos!!!

  7. Our son attends Indiana University, I wish he could see your spectacular super bowl pictures! The school is arranging shuttles to the SB village in Indy, I hope he takes advantage and goes. It looks like so much fun!

  8. Mr Mole

    a good ‘after dark’ effort

  9. Fantastic photos.. Did you have to use a tripod to get these or was there enough light that allowed you to shoot without one?

  10. Thanks for dropping by Rob. Love your Pix



  11. rose

    Nighttime is the only time I find beauty in a city. Love city lights. Hope Indy is ready!

  12. Like others, these photos are getting me pumped for Super Bowl! Thanks for sharing these great shots.

  13. Wow.. I love the lighting. It is incredible. I wish I could be there to see this in person. You really captured the mood.. wonderful photos

  14. Fantastic! I love the pom-pom dreadlocks super fan! And I’m a sucker for the thermal plant night or day. Just wish it wasn’t in downtown. Great photos!

  15. Thanks for reading and liking my blog post, today. Love these photos of Super Bowl Indy. I live north of Detroit and love football. My vote is for the NYG this Sunday.

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