The Bane of Expectations

A bit of prolixity from the writing side of the house on the topic of photography and the performance anxiety that can sometimes come with it:

The Bane of Expectations.


  1. I Suppose I Got Too Wordy With My Attempt To Compliment.
    I Do Get Long-Winded At Times.
    My Whole Point Was…
    …I Love What You’re Doing So KEEP DOING IT.
    I Don’t Blog Because It’s A Job Job.
    I Do It Because I LOVE WRITING.
    And I Love Constructing Blog-Postings.
    I Get TONS-O-PLEASURE Out Of It.
    So I’m With You.
    No Worries, Sir.
    It’s All Cool Beans 😉
    Please Continue Having Fun, Fo SHO! 😀

  2. If it helps any, you described my own photographic dilemma perfectly! I suspect it is a common, and frustrating malady. Thank goodness for other eyes that can see past the voice in our head to the moment captured in our shots. Thanks for putting words on it. It’s nice to know someone else feels this way.

  3. I learned a new word: prolixity. That doesn’t happen very often. If I am reading the definition correctly, that word certainly does not apply to your writing! I enjoyed the post.

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