Indy Braces for the Super Bowl

Today was a day in which I felt impelled by circumstances to make some fairly far-reaching decisions in the realm of my photography. All week I’ve been watching people steal and reuse some photographer’s photo on Facebook without giving credit. It’s a rather nice night shot of Monument Circle all outfitted for the Super Bowl. Since it bears no watermark it has just quietly made its way from one profile to the next with no indication whatsoever of origin. Watching this rather annoyed me on the original photographer’s behalf. That annoyance made me realize that I’d be supremely perturbed if someone promulgated my photo without proper credit. I don’t expect to be paid, but if some photo I took is going to go viral then I’d prefer it to bear my name. After all, anonymous narcissism is no fun at all.

As a result, I’ve started watermarking my photos and only providing lower resolution versions for public download. Anyone wanting a higher resolution copy can ask for it but they’ll at least have to ask for it. I also started moving photos over to Flickr. I’m not 100% in tune with the opportunities for interaction on that service but I’m certain they’re better than those on Picasa. Anyway, on to the photos for the day.

The crowds weren’t terribly obnoxious downtown but there were plenty of people to run into:

From Indy 2012-01-29 – Superbowl Week
From Indy 2012-01-29 – Superbowl Week

Typically I don’t like heights but parking garages don’t usually bother me. Admittedly, I did get a bit creeped out when a gentleman approached me to muse about how his wife refused to come up to the roof of the garage because of her own fear. It sure is a long drop.

From Indy 2012-01-29 – Superbowl Week

It was impossible for me to get much of a shot around the circle because the crowds were obnoxious. I’ll have to go back some time later this week. These Indy cars are painted to look like footballs bearing team logos.

From Indy 2012-01-29 – Superbowl Week

And these things may be one of the few reasons we still know Roman numerals.

From Indy 2012-01-29 – Superbowl Week

Lucas Oil Stadium is made up for the occasion of course.

From Indy 2012-01-29 – Superbowl Week

…as is the Marriott. This is the only time I’ve met another photographer on top of a parking garage let alone three.

From Indy 2012-01-29 – Superbowl Week

Yup. That’s one BIG trophy!

From Indy 2012-01-29 – Superbowl Week

The sun threatened to come out at several points. Here it is over the white river.

From Indy 2012-01-29 – Superbowl Week

The city also sported the largest temporary zip line ever. It was clearly enjoyed by all.

From Indy 2012-01-29 – Superbowl Week

But amid all this plenty and people spending thousands to attend one football game, there were still those who had to beg for the kindness of strangers.  This homeless gentleman seems especially pensive.

From Indy 2012-01-29 – Superbowl Week

The weather wasn’t especially friendly at 38 degrees and blustery winds that threatened to blow people into the street. Some were lucky enough to have a warm mom to snuggle up to.

From Indy 2012-01-29 – Superbowl Week

Tomorrow I’ll traipse downtown and do the night version of the city.


  1. They had the Indy cars downtown? Way cool! And I’m so jealous! My cousin is on the welcoming committee, so been working on this for well over a year now. I hit him up for tickets, hoping for a freebie, but there is no such thing as free Super Bowl tickets. Even the mayor has to buy his. But I could have bought one at face value… $800. Needless to say, I’ll be watching the game from home now here in New Mexico.

  2. you gotta watermark dude! lots of leeches out there, plus your photos are great, which makes it worse, if you get what I mean. It would be awesome to get some of these in a book or gallery if you haven’t yet.

  3. Facebook is simply the world’s largest office bulletin board, the one in the break room, the one where everyone would post the cartoons, photos, and articles that they cut out of the newspaper or magazine. Newspapers and magazines are so yesterday, so the world has to post digital cartoons, digital photos, and digital articles “cut out” of someone else’s blog, web site, etc. It’s only going to get worse because Facebook doesn’t care. In fact, they are making billions of dollars by allowing it. JMHO.

  4. Hmph. I thought I was following you! So now I am.

    I went downtown yesterday (Saturday) when the sky was clear with few clouds but the wind was horrible! They had to close the zipline because of heavy winds. It was very, very cold, also.

    I like the different perspectives of the bustle you were able to capture. Great shots! You were really able to zoom in on that ‘liner. He looks like he had a blast! Can’t wait to see your night shots.

  5. Dude, You Keep On Shootin’, Fo SHO!
    I’m Just Echoing Other Opinions Here, but You’ve Got A GREAT EYE For Composition. You DO Know How To Get BALANCE. And That’s Key. Just Enough Of What You Need. (near) Perfect, Totally!
    If I Said Perfect, You’d Say, “Nothing’s EVER Perfect.”
    And I’d Say…
    …Other Than Math (for the most part), You’re RIGHT hahaha
    But As I Said…
    …You Keep On Shootin’, Fo SHO!
    I Love Plenty Of Them.
    So I’m Happy To Always Be Impressed.
    Good Eye, Batter…
    …Good Eye 😉
    -BRADLEY (aka Former Navy PHOJO, Current PHOTO-JUNKIE) =D

  6. Watermarking is a must if you do want to ‘save’ your images for those willing to pay for them. There are many ways to do it .. the way you’ve put yours to the bottom corner still leaves the viewer a ‘clean’ image to look at.. but it also makes it easy to steal the photo and just crop the corner away.. happens a lot!
    Best way to do it is to use a software (not going to advertise, but quick Google search will find it for you) that inserts a blank jpeg on top of your image.. so when people ‘right-click’.. all they get is a white image.. handy!
    Oh – and enjoy the Super Bowl.. or at least the build-up to it 🙂

  7. good set of pictures, i love the one looking down on the crossings, i don’t watermark, may be i should, i agree with googabu above.

  8. Great photos, I love your perspective :)! Thanks for visiting my blog. As you can see, even on my humble little blog, I watermark most of my photos. Sadly, that hasn’t stopped people from stealing them and re-posting. I hope you find a good solution to that problem!

  9. Thanks for the great pre-Super Bowl tour, including the “forgotten” people. I love the comment about Roman Numerals, and you’re probably right. The watermark is smart. I’m still exploring options for that.

  10. It’s been years since I’ve been to Indy, but I do remember the Circle quite well. I enjoyed your pictures. I can imagine the excitement is building for the big game.

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