Sincere like a Pumpkin Patch

Firstly, the prize for ‘most awkward position for a photo’ (last post’s audience participation question) goes to Southern Sea Muse and Peggy/ for their encounters with fire ants to get the perfect shot.  They say that suffering is an art but that’s really suffering for your art!

Today’s post goes way back into my archives.  For me though, way back only means 2009 or so when I started on this random vendetta of photography. Poking back into what seems like eternity sometimes I really want to kick past-me in the f-stop. Funny what lessons thousands of times messing something up brings, eh? Anyway, today’s photo is an example of what I like to call sincere portraiture. My stomach turns at posed photographs with forced expressions that don’t really say anything about the person in the shot. The awkward smiles of school photos are far from our brightest moments.

For the series from which this photo is taken, my daughters and I made our way to a large park on the south side of Indy early in the spring and just generally goofed around. After about the first hour they’d forgotten I had a camera at all so their true personalities shined through. This shot represents them better than any number of words could. My youngest is bright, cheery, vivacious and full of smiles and laughter. My eldest is contemplative, introspective and always studying the world around her. Of course I needn’t tell you that because you can see it all in the picture.

Sincere like a Pumpkin Patch
Sincere like a Pumpkin Patch

So what are some of your best and worst examples of portraits that both spoke to you or completely didn’t? Feel free to post a link to share and don’t be afraid to whip out some of those really horrible high school yearbook photos!


  1. I totally agree I think natural shots are the best. I do the same thing when I am taking pics of my kids we just go somewhere and I snap away as they play.

  2. I don’t like contrived portraits; taking them, or having them taken of me. I’d much rather spring on my subjects when they aren’t aware. And that’s pretty much what people have to do to get a photo of me.
    Love the photo of your daughters!

  3. Adorable photo!! You def captured a moment and not just a bunch of “objects.” In my opinion the best photographers are able to do just that 🙂

  4. Great photo! Really like you stuff. Keep up the good work! And hey, thanks for liking one of my posts. I just started the blog yesterday so it was kind of a big deal to have a real photo-blogger like yourself stop in. Thanks! 🙂

  5. What a great shot!! Yeah, I always did like candid shots more than studio poses. But reading your thoughts on the same over the past several posts has pushed me off the fence and into complete agreement!

    Yeah!! Rob is right!! Stick it to the man! (and that man would be the a-hole at Olan Mills that made my daughter, then 2, cry.)

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