Lilies from the Valley

One of the things that the first photo taught me was that in photography perspective is everything. So I find myself constantly looking for photo ops that are just a plain old pain in the butt. If you have to get down in the dirt or be otherwise uncomfortable for a shot then it’s pretty bloody likely that you’ll be focused (no pun intended) and really concentrating on what you’re trying to do.

Lilies from the Valley
Lilies from the Valley

For the record, lilies like these from our trip to Michigan max out at a couple of feet tall. So you can bet that there’s still a spot of mud somewhere on my person from this shot but I’d say it was a good investment.

What’s the most uncomfortable you’ve ever been taking a shot?


  1. That is such a good question! Probably when I was holding on for dear life to the pole of a crowded San Francisco cable car with one hand while trying to take a picture of the bay with the other.

    The sun drenched lilies are beautiful!

  2. Lying down to get an artsy-fartsy shot and timing it just right, only to have fire ants invade my underside. Choice was to forfeit the photo op or submit to torture. I chose torture. And the shot wound up not as good as I thought. I blamed the ants.

  3. I am always getting down on my knees or bending over strangely with my butt sticking way out. Its to the point (since I live somewhere constantly wet) that I am pondering a knee pad to put in my bag.

    I once lay down on the ground and some guy came out of his house all concerned I had fallen over.. lol.

    Great shot!

  4. Really lovely with the sun coming through the lilies. My husband has no concept of perspective and I suspect he thinks I’m nuts. Probably the most uncomfortable position for a shot was lying down in wet sand to get a photo of sunlight hitting my baby daughter’s footprints just right.

  5. My most uncomfortable moment, in an effort to get “the” shot? I was new to living in Texas and out scouting the countryside arond San Marcos. I saw a wonderful field and got down nice and low to get the raised pattern of ruts from the tractors as the main point of the image. I laid down flat-out on the ground, snapped away and suddenly OUCH!!! I had my first introduction to … FIRE ANTS!

  6. This is wonderful… I loved it. How amazing photography. About your question… To be honest with my camera I forget everything,… What’s the most uncomfortable you’ve ever been taking a shot? I think it was at the tallest building’s roof in Istanbul. (The Sapphire)… It was my first experience to be in such a kind of tallest buildings and to be in the open roof… There was amazing wind and it was not easy to control camera and my hair, and my skirt… I didn’t take my tripod with me… So, I remember I was almost confused what to hold… camera, hair, skirt… Thank you, with my love, nia

  7. Such a beautiful photo, and the personalities are so clear. I can’t wait to do some hunting through your archives, and to see your newest posts as well. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog, and for the Like. I hope to see you again soon!

  8. I was just about to lie down on ground near a ‘China Rose’, facing towards sun to take a similar shot, I got a scold from security people yesterday, as I already entered to restricted area. But your short is really perfect, and at least something I found in this morning to make me happy 🙂

    Looking forward, I subscribing you for checking your upcoming blogs 🙂


  9. A beautiful shot, especially with light showing the transparency of the petals, like silk. I guess some of my most uncomfortable shot conditions were post Katrina hoping nothing would crawl from the debris that I didn’t want to be up close and personal with.

  10. Very nice image Rob. The one uncomfortable that comes to mind is laying across three jagged boulders in the middle of a tributary in order to get a water level shot of running water with a one second exposure without a tripod. It hurt a bit.

  11. I was in Spearfish Canyon in SD around Rapid City. Was angling for the right shot of a stream with the hills in the background, lost my footing and tumbled down a very rocky hill. Though I cracked my knee cap. When I stopped rolling, I held up my camera in one hand, and shouted to the people staring at me, Okay, I’m okay! Ha-I should have said, my camera is okay! But I got a good picture…

  12. Greetings from Scotland. Thanks for liking my blog. The most uncomfortable thing in taking a photo for me was when I slipped in Yellowstone while taking a photo on timer and ended up breaking two ribs on a picnic bench…. and I have the photo to prove it! It was uncomfortable for 5 months and I can’t even say I was chasing a bear!

  13. I fell ungracefully at the base of Crowfoot Glacier in the Canadian Rockies, between Banff and Jasper. I was focused on the glacier and not on the fact that the cement had a drop off. I was totally embarrassed. But I held the Nikon high in the air!
    Michigan Mud! The best there is! I’ve been in it plenty of times for pix. 😉
    I like your Michigan Lilies….great with the sun flare..

    • It’s funny, that seems to be a theme here. Photographer falls down but keeps the camera off the ground. 🙂 I hope I’m so lucky next time I find myself on my behind!

  14. Most Uncomfortable? It was one day back in my old point-and-shoot days while at Lupine Meadows in Grand Teton National Park. I was lying on my belly to shoot the mountains with lupines in the foreground. After I got the shot, I put my hand down on the ground to help push myself back up, but my hand instead fell on a snake about as big around as my wrist! Needless to say, I was up on my feet faster than I expected to be!

    Steve (from VagabondPress)

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