Is it Spring yet?

Today the weather turned in Indiana to that cold, windy, generally unpleasant standard that tells us definitively that winter has arrived.  So to reassure ourselves that the winter will pass and life will come back to the land, we present some dragonfly porn from a sunny day in May of 2010.

Mating Dragonflies

Mating Dragonflies

Photographically, not terribly thrilled with this shot. At the time I uploaded this the first time I refused utterly to modify any photograph aside from cropping. Even now I resist modifying but adjusting color balance and sharpening a bit the difference is rather shocking. So I may decide it’s not sacrilege yet if I’m not careful.



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15 responses to “Is it Spring yet?

  1. I live in central Indiana and I can’t thank you enough for promoting spring and warmth. I’ve grown rather tired of our region’s weather.

  2. Cin

    My camera is kinda crappy in certain light conditions so I tend to adjust my lighting for a lot of stuff. I try to get it back to what I actually saw. Although I do like to try and keep my photos as raw and unedited as possible, sometimes a bit of editing can make them pop. 🙂

    I like the lily pads. I think you did a good job on your minor edit since it looks just like the ones I see in the summer.

  3. Very cool. Modified or not 🙂

  4. A really nice shot! I wish spring was just around the corner, instead of beyond the horizon.

  5. It’s turned really cold here (southwestern British Columbia) too, after a very mild fall and early winter. I’m hoping the little heater we have on tonight in our greenhouse is up to the job; our lettuces have just started to produce some tasty leaves and I would hate to have to throw them in the compost after just a single salad. I, too, long for spring – and like you dislike doing anything more than minor edits on my photos. I like your dragonflies as well as the lily pads and flower. And in this weather we can use all the reminders of spring/summer that we can get! Thanks, Rob. And I loved your post on your other blog today as well.

  6. Such a well timed post! 🙂 I don’t know if you can call it porn though… this is just a couple embracing. Nowhere near the nasty yet. They go further than this on the Disney channel…

  7. Oh my god, this is beautiful.

  8. I love your photos! I hope I can also take pictures like you do, because I am only using a digital camera that has this Macro feature.

  9. Val

    There’s an artist’s blog that I read, that you might enjoy. She teaches art and mostly paints with watercolour – nature themes, predominantly. Oh – and she’s in Indiana, too. Leslie White.

  10. Val

    I’ve just spotted the spider in your header – is it a jumping spider? They can look very cute! 🙂

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