Misc Photos for the New Year

Greetings and Salutations on this the third day of January!

So before I begin I’d like to say a bit about… well, all of you. I realized over the weekend that somewhat suddenly there were over 200 people following this blog on WordPress. As of this writing there are 235 WordPress followers and 1,406 of you on Facebook. I’m not going to deny that that’s more than a bit intimidating. It is my hope, as is the hope of every blogger, simply to add to your life in some positive way. So I thank you all for your repeated comments and participation and also, simply, for your presence. It means a lot to me. I will take a moment to say that I want to take your picture or pictures of whatever you need or want pictures of. For free. Read this for more details. I also want to say that you can view all my images in high resolution in my Picasa album. All I ask is that you don’t profit by it. Share, distribute, use for whatever, but don’t charge anyone and don’t let anyone else charge. Share and share alike. Make sense? Grand!

Alright, so the current album is an amalgamation of the past few days. One of those days… you’ve had them I’m sure, when you take a few random snaps but nothing really strikes you enough to make you unload the camera. Plus, your internet is down so you can’t upload anything anyway. Grr.

The first few are just taken around Laura’s garage, from my series that I should have entitled, “Your house has cool stuff in it if only you’d look closer.” Nothing says near-term history like an old rotary-dial telephone.

Ma Bell
Ma Bell

And… well, this is an old refrigerator. You know, the kind where a kid could easily get trapped inside because it had the locking door with the long metal handle? Whoever decided to name a refrigerator brand “Hotpoint” though should be shot. A good fridge is anything but.


The guy who owned Laura’s house before was, shall we say politely, a “tinker”. This is evidenced by all manner of interesting and unusual home appliances like lights around the house that can be controlled from a central control panel and various other unexplained home “upgrades”. Luckily though, he left a set of drawers all properly labeled for all the things a homeowner needs… in 1976.


I won’t deny that I love this. In addition to the drawers, there’s a set of small metal containers that used to contain… who knows what? But the old parking(?) pass makes this cabinet. Expires 1976.


Moving on from the garage, on New Years day we went out to see what was to be seen. It was an INCREDIBLY windy day on the bog.

Windy on the Bog
Windy on the Bog

But the sun did shine at least…

Here Comes the Sun
Here Comes the Sun

Did I mention it was WINDY?

Flock of Seagulls
Flock of Seagulls

So… ok, so I’m tinkering more and more with post-processing despite my previous statements that I think it’s a sin against art and all that’s right with the world. This shot is mostly blurry because these train tracks are rough. Like “strap your grandma down to her seat or she’ll fly out” rough, but there is the slightest bit of post-processing here to alter it a bit.

Grainy Train
Grainy Train

I’m not sure why I like this… but I do…

Why do I like this?
Why do I like this?

I fiddled with this one a bit too. I tried to make it unsettling by darkening a bit and cropping it off-center. I feel a bit unsettled by it. You?

Norman Bates?
Norman Bates?

During the windy fun, we drove past a few things including this old church. Again, another photo that I like but I can’t quite determine WHY?


On the way to work on the 2nd, it snowed like crazy. I captured a few shots but nothing fancy.

Snow!  In January?!?!?
Snow! In January?!?!?

Today, before leaving work, I went in search of SOMETHING to take a photo of during sunset. I found an OLD cemetery not far from work. Complete… well, complete with lots of things. Including a sunset.

Old Glory
Old Glory
Dusk at Dusk
Dusk at Dusk
Contrails to Glory
Contrails to Glory


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. As a first time reader, I have to say that I’m absolutely flabbergasted by your site(s)! If most readers reader can’t find something in your various endeavours that piques their interest, I’d be seriously surprised. I’m very impressed by your accomplishments, and look forward to your future offerings!

    By the way – your photo of the parking sticker from Purdue was my favourite … I had a similar collection from my alma mater on my windshield until I had to have it replaced. Good memories πŸ™‚

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post and the images are great! Thanks for the look at our world through your eyes. Keep up the great work, and may your blog continue to grow. Also thank you for stopping by my blog.

  3. Maybe the reason for you liking ‘churchgoing’ is because it is so easy on the eye. The small, dark roundish tree on the right balances the tall light building on the left, making for excellent composition. Nice post.

  4. Love this! Thanks for making me “look” at the world a bit skewed!! Love the Norman Bates shot and all the vintage picts too.

  5. Well Rob you can add me to the numerous followers that are now on ur list. This site is very interesting and real. I love the fact that ur site really interests me and very educational as well- (unlike others) ur not out there to please anyone but blog about what you love best.
    Well, i’m one of ur fans now πŸ™‚ will be checking ur site for good reads & literatures. Have a wonderful day!


  6. Hello..Thank you for the ‘like’. I really liked your photos..esp. black and white..I am a sucker for the understated contrasts that can be used..also..that type of photography lends a feeling of aut henticity (perhaps through the grace of simplicity)..in my world..Happy New Year..Peace Tony

  7. Hello Rob Slaven…I LIKE these photos. If I had to choose, the train tracks would be a favorite along with the church photo. I’ll be back to see what else you have found to photograph. Looking forward to it…and the push button phone… love it.

  8. Good to meet you, Sir πŸ™‚
    Great pix! I’m pretty regular, and tend to think to much, too… ‘gotta write more, though, or I’ll never get my book done. Thanks for the encouragement πŸ˜‰

  9. You have a great eye for what works Rob. We had a Hotpoint but it was 40 years ago πŸ™‚

    You know here people sell the rotary dial phones almost as antiques. Don’t throw it away. It could be worth a fortune one day.

  10. Good Eye, Mr. Rob, Good Eye Good Eye.
    It’s Something I (sadly) Say to My PHOJO Friends.
    Baseball Jive, That FITS The Photography Field.
    I Don’t (really) Shoot (much) Anymore (also sadly) BUT I Do Get To SEE and STUDY So So So Many “Other” People’s Work.
    I Enjoy Your Blog BUNCHES Thus Far.
    Can’t Wait To Dig Deeper Into Your Archives.
    And PLEASE Keep-Shooting.
    Not EVERYONE Has A Good Eye πŸ˜‰


  11. Wow, and I’m feeling overwhelmed by my couple of dozen followers… Suddenly, when applied to myself, I dislike that term. I am no prophet!

    Old, rotary phones… Wow. Reading this I realize these are one of the few things I feel genuinely nostalgic about. The others being The Talking Heads and The Clash. And ol’ phones.

    Here be the kind of connector these use: http://www.alleewillis.com/awmok/kitschenette/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/AW-PINK-PRINCESS-PHONE-OLD-PLUG-500.jpg

    And another: http://www.yankeetoys.org/lee/228093.jpg

    Hooray for unexplained home “upgrades”!! Sounds like a new hobby for me. πŸ™‚ Inexplicable home upgrades!

    Why do you like that photo? Could be all the parallel and receding lines from the wires. They accentuate the distance. And those clouds are fairly well dramatic in black and white.

    Yes, house creepy. Chapel and sky light and peaceful. Trees seem quite unruly by contrast, which accentuates the peacefulness.

    I like that angle on the flag!

    Contrails to Glory — that’s a keeper. (Meaning I’m keepin’ it. In my screen saver.) I feel like the last remaining person on Earth who still looks up at airplanes and is amazed. At how they stay up there apparently so effortlessly. Without falling. Usually. Watching airplanes is somewhat profound for me. Flying in them really isn’t at all though. Probably because even if I do get the window, it’s so small…. The experience still just feels like sitting in a room for hours, and then getting out in China.

    • ok, wow, the thing I get gripped by is the phone connector. I can’t say I’ve seen one of that type before. Hrm.

      as for being a prophet… HOW CAN YOU SAY??!?!!? YOU MAY BE LATER! πŸ™‚

      And you’re not the onlyone who still is amazed by airplanes. Laura and I still look up frequently in wonder. Clearly though I need to do less “looking at” and more “participating in”. Every time you so casually say you go to China I always get a pang of jealousy. πŸ™‚

      • Did I just hear you say “Not the one!” Zathras? πŸ™‚

        Crap. That’s actually why I try not to casually say that. (sigh) But you know, some people go to Illinois to visit family, I go to China… What can I say?

  12. I love me a picture of weather. I’m afraid it’s the end of the day and my eloquence (or so they say) is on low ebb, but I love this collection of pictures (not that the others aren’t great). I am the newest of beginners in photography (that goes beyond snapshots) and anticipate to learn a lot here. Also, thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope to see you again.

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