Storyboard – Misc 8-28-2011 – West Lafayette, Zionsville, Indiana

The weekend of the 28th was a bit of a random one split between two locations. If the composition seems fragmented it was a reflection of the reality of the weekend.

While Eric was having his soccer game, a grumpy Izzy and I went off in search of something to see. We soon came upon a small flowering shrub that simply teemed with butterflies and other small insects. I especially like this one as you can see the fine, fine detail and compound eyes. The color contrasts between the flower and the pale butterfly are also delightful.

From Misc 8-28-2011

This photo has a lot NOT going for it. Too much depth of field causes a lot of detail to be lost but the smooth, arcing proboscis of the butterfly makes it worthwhile.

From Misc 8-28-2011

Since I started looking for such things I’ve noticed that caterpillars are fairly hard to come by. Either they’re rare or I’m just not looking in the right place. This particular specimen gives an almost comic appearance as his fuzzy exterior works to scare away predators who might just believe he’s much larger and much more alert than he really is.

From Misc 8-28-2011

We did eventually find out way back to the soccer game though I found at times that it was more akin to dancing than to soccer.

From Misc 8-28-2011

Izzy, remaining grumpy in the heat, opted for a remote pouting location.

From Misc 8-28-2011

Just close your eyes and… KICK!

From Misc 8-28-2011

The passion with which soccer is pursued at this level is often underestimated.

From Misc 8-28-2011

This young tot seems comfortable but on some level, I think he knows exactly how silly he looks.

From Misc 8-28-2011

Sometimes we deal in photographic near misses. I regret that I wasn’t able to weed out the extraneousness here and get just the dress and the reflection of the church in the background. Sort of a representation of the concrete here-and-now of having the dress with the dreamy potential of the church behind.

From Misc 8-28-2011

As is usual when I’m out, I ran into an unexpected bicycle race. I’m very nearly out of creative visual things to DO with a bicycle race, so fate can stop throwing them at me any time it likes.

From Misc 8-28-2011

One of our Zionsville neighbors enjoys a good bottle of wine … daily.

From Misc 8-28-2011

This is certainly an odd twist of biology. Mating butterflies literally “butted” up against one another.

From Misc 8-28-2011

This shot didn’t turn out exactly as well as I’d hoped but it’s still one of my favorites. The drama here is palpable as the rather large spider seems to stalk his large and color-contrasting prey. For the record, the moth got away.

From Misc 8-28-2011

And so ends another weekend of random visuals from the heartlands of Indiana.


  1. Wow, your photos are astonishing! I know I have a lot more to learn when it comes to photographing.. but I love doing it and I just got my new system camera in October – so with some time and practice I’m hoping for some progress 😛 And like I said earlier – I’m really impressed with your macro pics! 🙂

  2. When you stopped by my blog, I thought I’d return the favor. And what a beautiful spread of photographs I found. And I wouldn’t have.

    Like Tarheel Rambler above, I too especially love the one with the spider and the moth. But the wedding dress and the church (even with the extra images) is haunting.

    So thanks for stopping by!

  3. As a bit of an amateur lepidopterist I love the flutterby and moth shots. The top one is especially nice. It’s amazing what we can see if we just move a little less frantically around the planet. Do beware though, some moths can pierce skin and suck blood. Little vampires! (Seriously).

  4. The last picture is just to wonderful!
    As you wrote – drama, but at the same time I see a lot of “biology” in it (my dad is a professor in it) because I’m grown up with a lot of nature-photos at home. But this really got my eye!

    I really like your photos! (even those you said was a bit of a failure)

  5. Thanks for sharing your photos. Thanks also for the reminder of summer in Indiana as I sit here under a blanket with the snow flying and the wind whipping cold around the house 🙂

  6. Excellent photos! I can never seem to find insects when I want to photograph them. But, I’m also using a point and shoot, so I have to get kind of close to get a good shot, not too fond of that part.

    The colors in these photos was great! I especially loved the first one.
    (By the way, I saw you liked my post ‘Of Pedestrians and Crosswalks’ did it show up for you, or was it blank? for the life of me I cannot seem to figure out what happened to it :/ )

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