Storyboard – 9/4/2011 – Lake Michigan Lakeshore

In observance of the three-day weekend, Laura and Eric and I took ourselves northward unto the not-currently-frozen shoreline of Lake Michigan. The plan was to see… something and something we did see. It’s endlessly amusing to me that no matter where you go, there’s stuff to see.

It was a windy day which whipped the waves into quite a frenzy. Luckily, however, it seems that the wind and the water are married quite happily and those that wanted time on the water didn’t mind the presence of the wind.

From 2011-09-04

It has also been a weekend for photographers. This was the first of many I saw perched and peeping on the crowds.

From 2011-09-04

And even the kitesurfers can use an assistant in such wind.

From 2011-09-04

Oh, and let’s not forget that the Junior World Beach Speed-Walking finals were in town.

From 2011-09-04

OK, that’s just cool.

From 2011-09-04

Lest you be fooled, these … “surfkites”? Are pretty big…

From 2011-09-04

And the gulls were prolific and relaxed in the gusty gales of September.

From 2011-09-04

They had up these warning signs (which everyone ignored) and then more warning signs for other areas and then even more warning signs for other areas. With this many levels of warning, who can say which ones can safely be ignored? The crowd-think at the time seemed to indicate we should just ignore them ALL.

From 2011-09-04

I love a good lighthouse and the sky was definitely the photographer’s friend on this day.

From 2011-09-04

These guys are cute but they’d as soon peck your eyes out as look at you.

From 2011-09-04

See? Every possible level of warning signage totally ignored. It’s no wonder people get arrested in this country! How can you tell the phony laws from the unbreakable ones?

From 2011-09-04

Ah, perhaps THAT’s the rule. The signs to pay attention to are the ones that don’t actually require reading at all.

From 2011-09-04

This is one of those pictures that you really WANT to take but you’re afraid to. So in the interest of total dishonesty, I just play it cool with the camera at hip level and casually and “unintentionally” click the shutter a few dozen times. Sometimes they come out.

From 2011-09-04

This is a man who has suffered the agony of listening to his own Polka music.

From 2011-09-04

What a wonderful industrial backdrop.

From 2011-09-04

This makes me think mega shot of the century. Evening, sunset behind the Chicago skyline, someone doing something interesting in the foreground. Really need to arrange my sunset activities with more care.

From 2011-09-04

And that’s the day that was.



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17 responses to “Storyboard – 9/4/2011 – Lake Michigan Lakeshore

  1. Lake Michigan in September is like an ice bath. Those hearty souls out on the water have a lot more intestinal fortitude than I have.

    This is a great series with some wonderful shots. I especially like the “stealth” shot of the Amish/Mennonite group. Well done.

  2. Wow.. these photos are sooo darn cool. This is such an amazing post.. I wish you and your family a happy new year!

  3. A great day out, good story and some excellent shots. That first action shot is the one for me.

  4. …let me just say that I cannot resist the demon primal rhythm of the polka.

  5. Mr Mole

    great set of pictures, looks like a good trip, last time i was on Lake Michigan was 40 years ago on a ship on our way to Chicago in November and it was cold,cold,cold.

  6. Loved them all. Your shots are full of life and colour. Their clarity really amazes me.

  7. I like all these photos of Lake Michigan!

  8. Surreptitious Photos of Mennonites — that could be the name of your next blog!

  9. Really nice images! Thanks for sharing!

  10. My dream jobs would be either destination weddings or adventure photography… looks like you’ve had a taste of the adventure thing. How fun! Great shots!

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