9/6/2011 – Indianapolis Zoo, White River Gardens, Indy Downtown

I took a random day off on Tuesday with the determination that I would have a random day out of the house wandering about. With that goal in mind I found myself in the zoo parking lot and ready to disembark at 9:03am. It is surprising just how easy it is to park at the zoo at 9am on a Tuesday.

First I took myself off to the oceans section of the zoo. Several times in the past I’d thought it would be nice to get some pics of the small selection of life aquatic but I completely failed to properly estimate the difficulty of the lighting conditions. It was all I could do after an hour to reel off a few even decent pictures.

From 2011-09-06
From 2011-09-06

Luckily, the giraffes did not share this problem. Their distinct chewing motions make for grand portraiture that reminds me strongly of the toothless bald guy on Benny Hill who was repeatedly patted on the head.

From 2011-09-06
From 2011-09-06
From 2011-09-06

Not far off from the photogenic giraffes, we have the walking corpses of the animal kingdom, the Marabou Stork. These guys look like their faces are rotting off and their posture is comical to say the least.

From 2011-09-06
From 2011-09-06

The lawn at White River is a popular venue for concerts. The Indianapolis Nilharmonic was playing John Cage’s 4’33” the morning I was there. Quite magical.

From 2011-09-06

There is a small urban garden across from the Indiana State Museum. It’s interesting but I was most impressed by this artichoke flower.

From 2011-09-06
From 2011-09-06

In general, I despise parking garages but the views are astounding.

From 2011-09-06

And the Citizen’s Gas Thermal plant which supplies steam to many surrounding buildings is quite an eyesore.

From 2011-09-06

State Capitol…

From 2011-09-06

Further wandering, I found myself down by the circle only to realize that they were in the midst of an event. Apparently the statue at the top of the circle city monument has been down for repairs recently and on this day they’d planned to replace it. This never happened because the wind was too strong, but it did cause quite a crowd to gather.

Cops doing crowd control were certainly jovial…

From 2011-09-06

And there’s a lot of history in the face of this homeless gentleman…

From 2011-09-06

We’ve become a very camera-focused society. (no pun intended)

From 2011-09-06

And finally the lady herself. She’s a lot bigger than she looks.

From 2011-09-06
From 2011-09-06
From 2011-09-06

And that was the day that was…



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19 responses to “9/6/2011 – Indianapolis Zoo, White River Gardens, Indy Downtown

  1. incaunipocrit

    Reblogged this on Basil Wheel.

  2. A very productive day indeed. I love the Benny Hill comparison. And I remember (just about) TW3…. That Was The Week That Was. Happy days. I think the gas plant is a strong architectural shot – I’d be tempted to rough it up a bit in Silver Efex Pro but maybe i just like a bit of rough :-0

  3. Oh wow. These are nice pictures. I wish I could be just as productive. Such a great talent!

  4. Nice! I especially like the giraffe and stork photos, and the portrait of the homeless man. Well done!

  5. Canteen Contributor

    I miss going to that ball park watching the Indians. Lived there for 11 months. Great children’s hospital too. Saw Reggie Miller play in his last game during the playoff’s at the field house and saw a couple NCAA Men’s BB tournament games there in the RCA Dome. Thanks for the help in reflecting where I have been.

  6. I have nominated you as a versatile blogger!! Visit my site for details.

  7. Great collection — I really like the giraffes 🙂

  8. I don’t know… those aquatic photos are approximately eleventy-billion times better than I’ve ever been able to take…

    Yeah, masticating giraffes are always amusing!

    4’33” rocks!!

    On eyesores… few would disagree. Let me be the first. It has awesome spiral staircases, and very nice, regular cylinders. The repetition of catwalks is quite pleasing. And I see you’ve applied the rule of thirds quite effectively. The vapors waft in perfect recreation of heated gasses in nature, such as around volcanoes and geysers.

    We have such a highly developed aesthetic that brands this “ugly”, and allows us all to extremely easily and frankly dogmatically dismiss this as an “eyesore”. And never really look at it.

    Could use a good scrubbin’ and maybe a bright coat of paint though. 🙂 Brilliant Blue, Cadmium Red, or Cadmium Yellow I think. That tirade down the hatch, I have to note that you did take a photo of it, and composed it quite well, and then posted it here…

    Capitol buildings on the other hand have always struck me as dull and boring. Since I was a kid and was meant to be impressed by this one in particular.

    That certainly is one jovial gendarme!

    • Yeah, I’ll admit that I was amused by the 4’33 subtext and was sad that nobody else seemed to get it. 🙂

      And yes, you are absolutely correct. eyesore is exceptionally… well, wrong, considering that I’d probably pay $20 for the chance to go through it and photograph is from the inside. So yeah… um… heh. Guilty as charged.

      And yes, the people I’ve quiet enjoyed on that day. Even the guy in the sack hat!

      • I think I have 4’33” in my mp3 collection somewhere… No joke.

        So as I concluded about the time I was done writing that, you are the master of provoking thoughts. To compose a photo so well and then simply brand it an eyesore… The contradiction you created certainly got me thinking.

      • Heh, well thanks. I’m just hopeful to provoke… well, something. Hopefully something pleasant. 🙂

      • I think you’ve provoked a whole new way of thinking about ‘beauty’ here. It’s kinda earth-shaking.

      • I mean, I drove past a sports car with no bumper today and thought ‘wow, that looks really cool!’ Seriously.

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