Vegas in the Dark

I’ve written previously about the lucky happenstance that sometimes seems to follow me about. Last Halloween happenstance took Laura and me to Las Vegas, Nevada. We arrived around 6, took photos for several hours and then promptly moved on to more natural wonders. While there we spent the heady sum of $1.19 and only spent that because we accidentally ended up in a McDonalds drive-through lane that we couldn’t back out of and felt like we should order SOMETHING. I can’t recommend the place highly enough for night-time photography though I will say that I wish I’d been a tad more patient and a tad more experienced with the camera at the time. So much potential was, I’m sure, lost to my own inability to capture it.


  1. That is awesome. Happened to go to Vegas. Spent $1.19. Accidentally. LOL! You may be two of just a handful of people in the world who have found a way to enjoy that city so… economically.

    • Yeah, this is proof, if nothing else, that you don’t have to go and do the standard junk. You can go and just see without falling into the trap of actually buying into the place. 🙂

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