Christmas 2011 … part B

At some point during any festive occasion… well, at least for me and at least for this year, it eventually became less about Christmas and more about just finding things to photograph around the house while we waited patiently for the rest of the whole Christmas thing to happen.  I’m not sure if this is consistent with any of your own experiences, but there you have it. As usual, those wishing to forgo the random commentary on my part can visit the album directly for purely visual stimulus or if you’d like to have a higher resolution version.

It is at times like these that I realize just what a motley assortment of oddments litter our shelves.  As I looked about our domicile I realized that we had … well, judge for yourself.  Nothing says Christmas like a mysterious vertebra found in the woods last summer and the sad remains of a few dozen well-enjoyed wine bottles…?

Motley Crew

Motley Crew

The band played on in their tiny, legless way.

The Band Played On

The Band Played On

I’ve been meaning for a while to take a picture of Laura’s engagement ring. Now seemed as good a day as any. Next time though I’ll wipe the fingerprints off first.

Diamonds are Forever

Diamonds are Forever

And what’s a depth of field study without some corks.

Corky Park

Corky Park

Christmas is a season in which we tend to drag out things from storage that we don’t see every day. Perusing the abode, several odd combinations of things caught my attention. Laura’s daughter looks on from behind…



And this particular combination has been on the kitchen counter for as long as I can remember but looking at it this time, it struck me as a sort of happy summation of a year of holidays.

A Whole Year of Holidays

A Whole Year of Holidays

Santa has left the pocket on the advent calendar. It must be Christmas.

Santa has Left the Pocket

Santa has Left the Pocket

Laura’s son Eric makes a perfect backdrop for this Santa.

But Who's Watching Santa

But Who's Watching Santa

This whole bit of photographic fluff was done just poking around in two rooms of Laura’s house yet there seems to be some fairly good stuff here. It makes me wonder a bit of it would be even remotely possible to convince people to let you come into their homes and just photograph. I’m not looking to meander through the laundry, of course, but I think there’s something to be said for the art that lurks everywhere in our lives. Our homes we tend to take for granted but as time passes and we’re left with only memories it would be really nice to have some of this captured forever. Ah well, yet another photographer’s wish doomed to go unfulfilled, I suspect.



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9 responses to “Christmas 2011 … part B

  1. Cin

    Yay for toys and little things 🙂

  2. Gurpreet Singh

    Nice pics!

  3. Thanks; a little perspective shot is always just the thing for a day when you can’t get out.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. The band is powered by proximity to pure internet waves, though their musical style seems to be more ‘instrument holding’ than ‘instrument playing’. Perhaps it’s a marching band, without the band, and without the legs/marching. Ooo, an existential Santa band! Made all the more so by the random vertebra serving as a colossal memento mori.

    Vertiginously moving on, if I let you into my house to photograph, would you move dust and spiderwebs out of the way, or leave them as the universe presented them, as part of the art?

    • heh! That’s funny. Instrument holding indeed. Some bands do sound much better that way.

      Hrm….. dust and spiderwebs… well, due to the stigma attached to such things, I’d probably take the photos but put them in a different album entitled, “Dust and cobwebs I found after leaving Charlie’s house”. Best of both worlds!

  5. Love your Female Pileated Woodpecker pic. What a treat against the white bark! I had one visit my suet feeder in the backyard and was wishing I had a camera that would actually take a clear zoom picture besides my old digital point and shoot Canon. I’d love to get recommendations for quality camera on, dare I say, a $500-$700 budget.

    • Yeah, I need a birdfeeder. I would have much less walking to do. 🙂

      As for camera suggestions… yeah, I’ve been asked a lot about this and I need to write a general post on the topic. Sadly, in the $700 price range, DSLRs are pretty hard to come by. Luckily, there are lots of point and shoots. In general, you get what you pay for. is my typical source for such things. Sort by price and look for good ratings and you can’t go wrong. Technology has come a long way. It’s much more about your eye as a photographer than your equipment.

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