When Beetle Lovin’ was in the Air

Ahhhh, it wasn’t so long ago that the sun was shining down and the hibiscus blossoms perfumed the air and the beetles were happily humping in the back yard.

Beetle Love

These evil, ravenous and armored-plated beasties are wonderfully easy to photograph especially when they’re *ahem* busy. So forgive me the brief and somewhat pornographic interlude. When next the summer sun shines, grab your macro lens and head into the back yard for some easy pickings.


  1. I have a couple fly fishing friends who were once fishing Silver Creek in central Idaho and witnessed trout gobbling what appeared to be copulating damselflies on the surface of the water. They each had damsel patterns but couldn’t interest the trout. That is, until they snipped the hook off one of their damselfly flies and bound it with tippet material to another fly imitating the damsel. This new pattern turned out to be successful. I’ll leave it to you to imagine what they called their new flies.

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