Not for the Weak of Heart

It was April and I was at the art museum. So of course what else I would I do but find a very curious but tiny spider to photograph? I have to say that after an hour chasing this around the bridge, I was REALLY Happy with the results.

Spider... Large

Spider... Large (Click the link for the whole album and a full-size download. Scare your friends!)

Anyway, this is the first macro shot I took that really worked out well. I’ve been shooting close-up whenever I could ever since.  And, I’m still a tiny bit creeped out by this photo.



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21 responses to “Not for the Weak of Heart

  1. Great show! Handsome critter!

  2. Oh! Now this is cool! I don’t know how I’d feel encountering this guy personally, but it makes for a fascinating photo! Great shot!

  3. incaunipocrit

    Reblogged this on Basil Wheel.

  4. buddhafulkat

    wow – amazing shot and beautiful creature! the eyes look like jewels!

  5. Nandini

    Yes, for a brave heart! Creepy, but great shot, too too close!

  6. Amazing! I’m learning a lot about insects from your recent batch of close-up images 🙂

  7. Awesome photo! Personally, just thinking of all the mosquitoes this guy has likely sucked the life out of, makes spiders my favorite bugs, hands down. This really is a great photo.

    • Yeah, I heard a stat once… probably made up, that if there were no spiders, the entire planet would be buried in 3 feet of insects. They really do consume a lot of biomass.

  8. What a great image, Rob! He doesn’t creep me out a bit, but then I was taking photos of spiders this summer too, so I’ve gotten used to them. 🙂 Really a great capture!

  9. Wow! Super cool shot, makes me a little queasy though 🙂

  10. The details are wonderful, but it really is a little too creepy to see the larger image..maybe someday I’ll get the courage.

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