Not for the Weak of Heart

It was April and I was at the art museum. So of course what else I would I do but find a very curious but tiny spider to photograph? I have to say that after an hour chasing this around the bridge, I was REALLY Happy with the results.

Spider... Large
Spider... Large (Click the link for the whole album and a full-size download. Scare your friends!)

Anyway, this is the first macro shot I took that really worked out well. I’ve been shooting close-up whenever I could ever since.  And, I’m still a tiny bit creeped out by this photo.


  1. Awesome photo! Personally, just thinking of all the mosquitoes this guy has likely sucked the life out of, makes spiders my favorite bugs, hands down. This really is a great photo.

    • Yeah, I heard a stat once… probably made up, that if there were no spiders, the entire planet would be buried in 3 feet of insects. They really do consume a lot of biomass.

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