A Lazy, Lazy, Lazy Sunday

I’ve realized as of late that I’m suffering from extreme laziness.  Over the past couple weeks or so I’ve posted all sorts of rehashed photos from my archives.  For each I’ve had a story of what a pain in the butt it was to get it:  I had to chase something or wait for something or do some otherwise silly thing just to get a photo.  Sometimes the shot sucked even after the work and I ended up keeping the least crappy example.  But as I got up this morning and looked out the back door, I had the approximately the following conversation with myself (Note that it was 9am on a Sunday, the words are small):

Me: Cold out.

Other Me: Yup.  But look at the frost on the deck.

Me: Cold out.

Other Me: Um, that’s really cool.  Must have been some frozen fog last night.  You need to get the camera.

Me: Cold out.

Other Me: You REALLY need to get out there.

Me: Can I use the zoom lens and shoot from inside?

Other Me: Oh good god…

I realized that it had been a long time since I’d actually gone to a significant amount of trouble to shoot anything.  So today I went to some trouble.

So if you’d like to see the whole album that resulted from all this internal dialog, you can view it here. Oh, and if you’d like bigger versions of any of these, you can download those from the album too.

If you’d like to hear my random banter on the day’s highlights, read on oh assiduous blog reader!!

The frost turned out moderately well:


The most amusing bit of the frost though was the nail-pops on the deck that attracted all sorts of frostage:

I’m sure glad I didn’t pound those in last fall!  (hem)

Having finished with the deck, I went to lay down in the frosty grass at 20 degrees for whatever that had to offer.

Well, apparently I wasn’t quite done with the deck..


OK, so with the morning’s laziness properly avoided, I did some Christmas shopping (not pictured) and then took off to chase the sunset.  The day was brilliantly clear but having arrived a bit early I tinkered a bit with some abstracts.  The example below is a half-second exposure taken while walking through the forest.

Also some amusing also at long exposure.

But finally, the sun started to find its way to the horizon…

And for those who prefer their sunsets without the huge rubber ovals.

Oh, and to close the day… Santa rode through the neighborhood on a firetruck?  Um.  OK.  Odd.

And that was the day that was. See the album for more photographic detail.

In other news, I’m finding the daily post schedule a bit much to keep up with so I think I’ll move to every third day.  So see you in two days!



  1. Rob, I absolutely love this set of photos (and also enjoyed the text – I can definitely relate to your internal dialogue). The frosted nail pops on the deck are amazing – they look like little palm trees! And I love the frost on the chair mesh, and all the other frost shots. Wow! And I also love the shots over the water with the walkway and the corner of the dock. Great stuff!

  2. What a great set! I checked out the whole collection of frost images – love them!! I really like the photo of the sunset with the tire swing, I feel like there’s a story there. Very nice, Rob!!

  3. Stunning frost pictures. Really close, wonderful work! And hats off to you to agree with your “other me”. I still find it hard sometimes. 🙂

    Great sunset pictures too. I loved all of them, actually! 🙂

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