Here’s Looking at You…

Yesterday we looked at the skiddish housefly in detail but today we shall meander to the other extreme and examine the always-reflective and prayerful mantis.  While our housefly defends himself with his reflexes, the mantis has as his shield a careful and studied consideration of every situation.  Anyone who has chased one around a tree branch knows what I mean.

Green Mantis

It almost looks as if this green beasty has pupils but that seems to just be a trick of the light. These guys don’t even sport the compound eyes of flies (that I’m aware of) so no pupils here though I daresay if they had irises they would be green like the rest of them.


  1. I had no idea such exotic insects live here. Aren’t the black spots pupils? I think I’ve seen video of them moving (creepily) as if they were looking at things… things they’d like to eat…

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