Sweet, sweet sweetgum

As a boy in Indiana I walked down the street and was struck by all the tree debris strewn about our world. We had the long, skinny Catalpa beans and the “monkey brains” as my kids call them and then the innumerable arboreal caltrops put out by the sweetgum tree. I had no clue at the time that I would find these such a marvelous subject for macro photography.

Sweet, sweet sweetgum

Sweet, sweet sweetgum (click to view the whole album and access the fully-zoomed photo)

Technically, this one is fairly difficult. There’s a lot of depth along the z-axis so aperture as small as you can pull off.



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17 responses to “Sweet, sweet sweetgum

  1. These macros are absolutely fantastic. I was enthralled by the detail you captured in all of your sweet gum photos in the album.

  2. obrienspix

    That is really wild looking.

  3. I like this photo because without context I can imagine it is part of another world.

  4. I used to LOVE stepping on these as a kid! Great shot, you really see the textures and relief nicely.

  5. I love SweetGum trees and those balls! I want some of those seed balls to photograph! I did show a SweetGum leaf a while back, if you want to look:


    Great photo, Rob! Love it!

  6. Some amazing plants here – I really enjoyed these photos, well done!

  7. Nandini

    Amazing. 🙂

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