Christ in Shadow

At some point I came to grips with the fact that I spend a LOT more time in cemeteries than the normal person. This isn’t out of any morbid fascination so much as a recognition of the significance of such places as well as their intrinsic beauty. Not to mention they are simply rife with strong themes.

Christ in Shadow

Christ in Shadow (Click to view whole album)

Artistically, this is one of those photos that hints at me that I sometimes need to give up my analytical drive for more detail. Generally I want to capture EVERY detail. In this case, I think the picture is really about what is NOT captured.

What photos have you taken that were defined by what you didn’t include? What does this photo invoke in you?



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17 responses to “Christ in Shadow

  1. Dawn

    At first glance the vapor trail looked like a lightening bot or something of that effect. Powerful use of silhouettes. Come to the east coast… you’d love the mausoleums.

  2. Thanks for your “like” on my blog today! It means a lot that a “real” photographer is taking a look 🙂

  3. Sarah Kimmett

    He didn’t do it for His own glory.

    That’s what it invokes in me 🙂

  4. I just notice the strong shapes here and the darkness and the gorgeous sunset sky blue. I’m not Christian, so it doesn’t evoke those things to me.

  5. Nice chiaroscuro!

    “…rife with strong themes” is quite an understatement! There may be no stronger theme than death!

    This evokes something a little unusual for me — an Ender Wiggin book. Speaker for the Dead Specifically the planet Lusitania, a Brazilian colony. Very Catholic, and had a lot to do with trees and of course space travel. The way the wind has blown that jet trail makes it look like a rocket trail to me. This could be the cover art for the book!

    • Hrm. Well, it’s funny you say that… .I’m thinking I probably would read a book that had this on the cover. Hrm. But yes, you’ve somehow managed to turn this back towards that scifi thing I write about sometimes. 🙂 Ender Wiggin eh…. Ah yes, Ender’s game is on my long term to-read list…. pity that list is so long.

      • You should bump it up on the list imo. They’re very well written, but pretty dark. I will say that everything that seems gimmicky about them, turns out not to be. I mean that kids are the heros and that the aliens are insectoid. All that is sufficiently explained if you give the series enough time. Wikipedia has a great map the the Enderverse. I only finally got around to Ender’s Game myself 2 years ago, but I liked it so much that 9 months later I’d read all of it’s direct sequel novels (Ender in Exile, Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, and Children of the Mind) and branched off with Ender’s Shadow, which was even darker.. So they’re pretty good I’d say.

  6. I am drawn to the trees in the background, silhouetted against the sky, with the sun hidden by the cross and the light diffused by the clouds and vapor…

  7. It reminds me my country – Poland, where there are still old wooden cross at the crossroads in the country. When I look at it I think I am in the Middle Ages. Congratulations!

  8. It reminds me my country – Poland, where there are still old wooden cross at the crossroads in the country. When I look at it I think I am in the Middle Ages. Congratulations!
    (the previous comment I added from my Polish account)

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