Indianapolis Museum of Art: The Dancers in the Forest

As I flip back and look at the photos I’ve taken over the years I realize that many of them, like the first photo, taught me some lesson or other. Many times it’s a subtle lesson and not recognized until after many months but they each have a little voice in my head. Generally, that voice takes the form of realizing that I really like something and as time passes I realize in detail WHY I like it. This is one such photo.

Indianapolis Museum of Art
Indianapolis Museum of Art (click to view the whole album)

These fine ladies taught me a few things. Firstly there’s the perspective. Another shot in which I had to get down and get into an uncomfortable position to take the shot. I’m sure my jeans still bear the muddy knees to show for it. Secondly, there’s contrast. The smooth, simple, gentle lines of the statue in front of the rough complexity of the trees behind. I will say that I wish the sky was blue rather than white but everything can’t be helped. Everyone’s at the mercy of weather.

Anyway, that’s my take on it. I’d like to hear yours be it good, bad or indifferent.


  1. I love your photos! I appreciate your “like” click on my lunar eclipse blog – especially after seeing your pics! We lived in Indy a long time ago and have fond memories.

    • Thanks! And your eclipse photos spurred a deep sense of jealousy in me. We are too far east to have really seen anything (not that I’d have been motivated enough to get up early enough to see it on a Saturday anyway) 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

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